Deliver AI-powered Application Search with Azure Cognitive Search and BA Insight (Guest Blog)

AI with Auzre and BA Insight

Data is growing exponentially, and over 90% of data is unstructured1, creating a challenge for organizations to find and surface the right information to their customers. What organizations need is a solution that enables them to uncover latent insights from all their content by quickly identifying relevant information and meaningful patterns.

Knowledge mining is a category in AI that brings together multiple AI-powered application search capabilities, making it easier for developers to get to insights faster. Azure Cognitive Search powers knowledge mining solutions to easily identify and explore relevant content at scale.

With Azure Cognitive Search, cloud search has evolved to include AI-powered application search capabilities, across ingestion, enrichment, and exploration of structured and unstructured content. With APIs and tools, developers can build solutions that power rich search experiences over a variety of content in web, mobile, and enterprise applications.

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Customers across multiple industries have leveraged Azure Cognitive Search to deliver enhanced app search experience. Amway has used Azure Cognitive Search to power applications and help sellers better explore and understand product information. As a result, search time for sellers reduced significantly empowering them to help four times more customers every day. The Atlantic utilized Azure Cognitive Search to transition to a digital system for its archives. This helped the writers at Atlantic to derive insights from sea of stories and build connections between past and present.

A myriad of partners, such as PwC, Archive360, Wix and OrangeNXT, have also built Azure Cognitive Search powered search solutions to support their customers across finance, retail, manufacturing and other industries.

BA Insight has built Search for Workplace powered by Azure Cognitive Search and other Azure AI services. It enables enterprise users to stop looking for information store-by-store and brings the knowledge to the users across all their content, regardless of where the information is.  Users get recommendations for personalized information and can connect to content repositories, applications and databases via out-of-box connectors or create custom connectors via SDK. AutoClassifier removes the burden of tagging from users when generating new content and tags existing content accurately and consistently. The in-app search experience enables users to conduct their searches from within the applications they use every day, seamlessly integrating into their existing work practices.

This solution can be deployed via BA Insight’s Enterprise Search as a Cloud Service or within a customer’s environment. With Enterprise Search as a Cloud Service, organizations can benefit from a fully managed enterprise search deployment that delivers a highly personalized, intelligent, and relevant user experience—without the burden of custom development. It is integrated with applications like Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, Microsoft Edge, and ServiceNow.

Recently, BA Insight Chairman and CEO, Massood Zarrabian, and Liam Cavanagh, Principal Program Manager for Azure Cognitive Search, sat down to chat about the Search for Workplace solution. Watch and Learn more in this podcast.

BA Insight also has a special offer – you can leverage the “Art of Possible” by BA Insight to get a “real world” view of how the solution works with your content, engage in  search strategy session to discuss your current environment and challenges, and get hands on testing for select team of your users.

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