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Experience Matters

The power of the internet enables buyers to research products and services long before they decide whether they want to engage with a company. Their research may result in them landing them on your website, so the ability to deliver a similar web-like experience on your own site is an important part of their journey and conversion. And, as we all know, you do not get a second chance to make a first impression. So, it is imperative to provide a positive user experience that enables your website visitors to find the critical information they came for- or risk losing valuable conversions.

It’s About the Journey AND the Destination

At a time of self-service, on-site search has evolved to become one of the most important functions of a website. However, over 75% of visitors find website search results useless, contributing to a poor user experience, a negative brand perception, and high bounce rates. Providing an exceptional enterprise search software solution that will not only give you a leg up on the competition, but by quickly connecting visitors with content tailored to their needs you will help them learn, engage, and convert.

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Five Ways You Can Advance Your Website Search

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Extraordinary Enterprise Search Software Made Easy

BA Insight’s enterprise search software enables you to create a web-like, advanced search experience that will quickly and exponentially increase the relevance and impact of your website. Our AI-driven search capabilities will automatically understand visitor intent and deliver the exact content they need as they interact with your site.

Key Capabilities

  • Natural Language Search that understands user intent
  • Suggestions and personalized search results
    •  Autocomplete
    • Alternate spelling
  • Filtering features to help visitors quickly get to what they are looking for
  • Responsive out-of-the-box
  • Accurate answers using natural language
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Less is More

Your Visitors Should Spend Less Time Searching and More Time Converting

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BA Insight

BA Insight’s enterprise search software delivers benefits for:


  • Increase website conversions and drive revenue
  • Gain insight into needs of target audiences
  • Enhance Search Engine Optimization efforts


  • Spend less time searching, more time engaging
  • Find information and insight they didn’t even know existed
  • Experience a productive user journey


  • Easy to integrate
  • Customizable to tailor the search experience
  • Simple management