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Transform your workplace with AI Search. Unleash your apps and content with a unified single-search experience.

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Put an end to bad content search experiences.

Content search is broken.

A bad search experience reflects poorly on your business and brand. Provide a user experience that delivers relevant, personalized, and actionable content search results.

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improve access to information with enterprise search.

Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Case Study

This pharmaceutical company had a vision of a single search box to provide a connected content search experience to all employees. Learn about the solution they were able to implement to achieve this.

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Create an AI content search experience

Connect content searches with precise answers regardless of where they are.

Delight your users with actionable AI content search experiences.

Create a mind-blowing content search experience that connects all of your systems:

  • Natural Language Search
  • Machine Learning for personalized recommendations
  • Actionable automations
  • Search from the apps your users spend time in
  • Instant previews of entire documents, regardless of location

Make your content smarter.

Deliver hyper-accurate and relevant results for your users:

Information is useless if it can’t be found—so get connected.

Connectivity is the cornerstone of a positive and successful content search experience:

  • 90+ pre-built Connectors
  • Connect information sources to search engine(s) of choice
  • Secure, high performance crawling, indexing and searching
  • Management of sophisticated security scenarios

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Why people are using BA Insight

“Having the OpenText Livelink Connector is a massive improvement for us.  It’s amazing how thorough the connector is – telling the index every single word, comma…everything is indexed.  We can fetch the whole organization from a digital perspective.”
Xavier Ayala - Digital Business Transformation Strategist / Esteve Pharmaceuticals
“My vision is to make information easy to get to and bring it as close to each person as I possibly can. Then give them the absolutely frictionless ability to find other experts inside of the firm and be able to share that information with them.”
Bryan Ackermann
Bryan Ackermann - Chief Information Officer / Korn Ferry
“If I can save legal professionals even five minutes by helping them find similar work we’ve done in the past, or save them from having to do something from scratch, it helps us serve our clients more efficiently and improves the quality of the work. This is why to us, search is so important.”
Scott Mortenson - Knowledge Architect / Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe

Finding answers should be easy

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