Connect data sources to power your AI engine.

AI is everywhere. How is your enterprise going to harness its power? BA Insight is the engine to connect to all of your enterprise data sources to power whatever AI engine you choose to build.


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Why customers trust BA Insight’s AI enterprise search technology

With BA Insight, you’ll consolidate scattered data sources and ensure only the data you want is fed into your Gen AI engine.

Unparalleled Experience

True experts with 20+ years of AI search experience.

Mature Connector Catalog

Just like our experience, our Connector catalog is unmatched in the industry with over 95 and counting.

Eliminate Application Bouncing

Eliminate time spent moving between systems, with one search bar to grab content from anywhere.

Generative AI Search is Just Better

Leverage Gen. AI technology to bolster your AI search with best-in-class LLM integrations.

BA Insight AI enterprise search

Seamlessly index, enrich, and display your content regardless of the location.

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Why BA Insight?

Connect content searches with precise answers regardless of where they are.

95+ Connectors
AI search across business apps

Unite siloed business applications and systems across your enterprise. Our AI search experts can also build custom connectors by request.

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enterprise AI search integration
Integrate directly with world-class LLMs and generative AI technology to extend artificial intelligence into your applications.
no more need to jump applications to search

No more need to jump from application to application hoping to find what you need. Instead, search and get it instantly so you can focus on work.

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Accelerate productivity with BA Insight AI enterprise search

Item Level Security

Retain and control access at the granular level.

Semantic Understanding

Get deeper, and contextual understanding of all your user queries.

Conversational Search

RAG (Retrieval Augmentation Generation)- Enhanced search accuracy to efficiently identify content for Generative AI.

Environment Flexibility

Pick your AI provider, LLM, search engine, user interface to fit your technology stack.

Content Enrichment

We tag, index, and enrich your enterprise content to make it easier to search.

AI & Machine Learning

Leverage AI and ML models to recommend personalized content.

Fastest Time to Value

Our out-of-the-box solutions mean your ideal search experience can be up and running in no time.

Fully Scalable

Easy to deploy to 50 or 500,000 users.

Gartner Report

How to Calculate Business Value and Cost for Generative AI Use Cases

This report, written by several data and analytics experts at Gartner, discusses the reality data and analytics leaders face, and considerations they should make, when investing in generative AI (GenAI) projects. Download the complete report to read their key findings and recommendations.

How to Calculate Business Value and Cost for Generative AI Use Cases

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