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BA Insight covers it all. Connect Amazon Kendra, Amazon OpenSearch Service, Azure Cognitive Search, Elasticsearch, Microsoft Search, SharePoint Online, SharePoint On-premise, Solr and more to your enterprise systems.

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90+ Connectors and growing

Our flexible Connectors link interfaces together, allowing users to access all internal resources from a single search bar.

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Smart Security Mapping

  • Expose only content the user has access to through item level security trimming.
  • Provide powerful security integration across the heterogeneous security schemes.
  • Benefit from advanced security mapping that goes beyond the claims-based security of native search platforms.

Smart Metadata Mapping

  • Automatically map metadata and provide dataset lookup to external sources in order to augment and normalize fields.
  • Manipulate metadata field through a flexible metadata mapping facility and scripting capability.
  • Add supplementary information as content is indexed, associated, and crawled.
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administer internal search connectors

Easy Administration

  • Deploy, configure, and test connectivity with automatic metadata configuration and an integrated Test Bench.
  • Monitor and manage crawling with ConnectivityHub’s management tools.
  • Enable straightforward administration by scheduling jobs for regular tasks like security sync, backups, and mailbox management.

Advanced Configuration

  • Handle complex applications with custom scripting like Visual Basic syntax for security, crawling, and metadata.
  • Deliver advanced scenarios by extending configuration around content sources, metadata and connected dataset.
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Out-of-the-Box Connectors

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Pair Connectors with these products for more personalized results.

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Get smarter results in one place with web-like search.

When coupled with SmartHub, the data intelligence created by AutoClassifier enables hyper accurate search results.

  • Provide personalized, predictive, and proactive delivery of content to users.
  • Define each search with precision using rule-based tagging to automatically link content and provide a comprehensive hierarchical search experience.
  • Create a standardized and complete framework for data segmentation and analysis across all enterprise data.
fast search results with tagging

Modern day tagging for real life searches.

Automatically tags content to help you access relevant information more quickly using integrated AI and rules-based tagging with AutoClassifier

  • Remove the burden of tagging from users when generating new content.