BA Insight enterprise search solves challenges for life sciences.

Instantly access the relevant information your teams need from multiple business applications. BA Insight’s enterprise search platform cuts project implementation times, surfaces relevant clinical trial data needed for analysis, accelerates the drug discovery and development process, and enhances staff productivity.

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BA Insight’s enterprise search helps life sciences organizations solve complicated challenges.

Clinical Trial Management

In deciding whether to continue or stop drug trials, missing key information can result in billion dollar mistakes. Educated decisions require access to all clinical trial data available.

Regulatory Compliance

Adherence to FDA guidance, compliance, and regulatory requirements—all under tight timelines is difficult, and the cost of penalties and recalls is enormous.

Employee Collaboration

When collaboration and cooperation is poor, innovation and efficiency suffer. Existing content isn’t leveraged, knowledge and information aren’t managed, and expertise doesn’t get transferred properly.

M&A Integration

With an accelerated cadence of biotech mergers and acquisitions, employees need the ability to quickly manage knowledge across organizations to mitigate the risk of lost revenue and missed market opportunities.

Provider Services

Healthcare providers are an essential part of the supply chain. Slow provider service is costly, frustrating, and results in poor customer service.

Improve Employee Productivity with Web-like Search

Delivering personalized and connected search experiences across the enterprise helps employees find information, no matter where it exists. Learn how advanced search saves time and reduces frustration, resulting in a more productive team.

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Deliver unified web-like search to your team.

  • Access information and collaborate across departments and locations
  • Adhere to FDA guidance and regulatory requirements
  • Avoid costly clinical trial mistakes due to a lack of data insight
  • Improve efficiency and boost intranet

Improve productivity with enterprise search

  • Search across multiple content sources including Veeva Vault, Open Text Documentum, Box, and more
  • Access search via the programs that you already use—DMS, Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, and more
  • Leverage personalized search experiences for each user based on their roles, studies, experiences, and other attributes
  • Take advantage of user-friendly dashboards that consolidate information for a holistic experience
  • Explore data and documents without the need to save and download content

Capabilities of our Life Sciences Management Solution:

Life science organizations face a similar set of challenges as the industry goes through dramatic changes. Our search software has helped solve these common problems and more.


Connect with the systems you use most.

Secure connectivity to enterprise systems including Veeva Vault, Documentum, and Box


Evaluate the most up-to-date content.

Enable staff to find information wherever it resides, while also monitoring life sciences publications, and helping users connect with experts and key opinion leaders to accelerate research and time-to-market.


Ensure users receive relevant results.

Create metadata including AutoClassification based on your organization’s taxonomies to integrate with the systems you use most.

Life Science Customer Success Stories

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Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company

  • BA Insight delivered a comprehensive single search experience that encompassed siloed data inherited from various acquisitions and made it easily accessible.
  • Paired with Amazon OpenSearch, the company has a scalable, enterprise-level search index.
  • Using BA Insight’s Connectors and AutoClassifier, the company can integrate advances in machine learning modeling and AI analysis.
  • Now employees can quickly find and access critical data from one place, improving productivity and ultimately allowing more time to focus on the data at hand to improve patient outcomes.

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