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What is Intelligent Search?

BA Insight Intelligent Search Diagram

Intelligent Search Intelligent search refers to the process of locating and accessing information as quickly as possible, no matter where it is stored. Intelligent search is facilitated using cognitive technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to provide the user with customized and accurate search results. Intelligent search helps with the elimination […]

What is Enterprise Search?

BA Insight Enterprise Search Diagram

Enterprise Search Enterprise Search is the practice of looking for and retrieving data and information within the digital environment of an organization. Specialized software and tools are used to search, index, and present data from a myriad of sources such as documents, intranets, databases, emails, and the internet. Having an enterprise search application is important […]

Making the impossible possible: BA Insight at ILTACON 2023

BA Insight at ILTACON

The Upland team always looks forward to ILTACON. We attend this premier legal technology event every year without fail, and each year we’re excited to meet up with old friends, connect with new faces, and be a part of the hustle and bustle of the week. Keep reading for everything you missed from BA Insight […]

Why Does Enterprise Search Have Such a Negative Reputation?

This month is my six year anniversary at BA Insight, and during these years, after many discussions with prospects, customers and even analysts, it is obvious that enterprise search has a bad rap. I’m not sure if you have observed this, but convincing leadership that enterprise search should be an area of investment is often […]

Our Customers Are “Visionaries”

I am a technologist at heart who has always been extremely interested in working with customers. So, when the opportunity came to be CTO and Chief Customer Officer simultaneously, I embraced it and am super excited about it. Being one of the few executives with this type of combination role, the advantages that it has […]

Success Factors for Enterprise Search

One of the things I get asked most often is “What Makes Good Enterprise Search”? Every enterprise is different, so there is not a universal solution, but there are things that are common across every successful Enterprise Search project I’ve encountered.