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Adding External Content to Hybrid SharePoint Intranets and Hybrid Search – Using Search to Bridge the “Great Divide”

BA Insight and Findwise partner to discuss how hybrid search can create a great search experience, providing one simple place to search for content.

Duration: 63 minutes

KMWorld Roundtable: "How to Optimize Your SharePoint Strategy"

BA Insight discusses the types of actionable analytics needed to turn insight into action, and see specific examples of how this can be incorporated into your SharePoint intranet

Duration: 59 minutes

7 Steps to Building and Intranet that Your Employees will Love

BA Insight and Emgage share 7 key steps you can implement to increase adoption of your SharePoint intranet.

Duration: 54 minutes

BA Insight Brings Lexis Search Advantage to Your SharePoint Intranet

Learn how attorneys and legal professionals can work directly within SharePoint to experience seamless, powerful access to the resources they need, when they need them.

Duration: 31 minutes

Leverage the Power of Recommind Decisiv Search Natively with SharePoint and BAI Software

Recommind Decisiv Search is now natively integrated into SharePoint using the BA Insight Software Portfolio. See how Decisiv Search can be used seamlessly within SharePoint.

Duration: 25 minutes

Digital Workplace in O365

During this webinar Jeff Fried, CTO of BA Insight discusses the Office 365 platform and how it enables the digital workplace by giving employees access to corporate content and data on any device, from any location.

Duration: 44 minutes

Using SharePoint Analytics to Make Intelligent Decisions About Your Intranet

Mike Gregory, Director of Systems Engineering at BA Insight, hosts a webinar in which he shares the top 10 reports that provide valuable insight about the usage of SharePoint intranets and portals.

Duration: 37 minutes

They Made Us Do It: What Our Legal Customers Taught Us About SharePoint Analytics and Matter Comparison

In this webinar, Mike Gregory of BA Insight demonstrates Expertise Locator and SharePoint Analytics. Two products that were built for our legal clients based on their needs.

Duration: 30 minutes

Succeeding with Hybrid Search Using SharePoint

With Microsoft's roadmap focused on cloud-first/cloud-only, defining a strategy and an implementation plan becomes more difficult and critical. Hybrid SharePoint can be very effective - and unified search is central to making it work well. Learn how you can succeed with hybrid search using SharePoint from search guru, Jeff Fried, CTO of BA Insight.

Duration: 52 minutes

Creating a SharePoint Intranet That People Love to Use

In this webinar, BA Insight's Chief Customer Officer, Sean Coleman, shares actionable insights in the key aspects of great intranets including delivering a consumer-like experience, providing a one stop shop for knowledge, and including apps that increase findability.

Duration:43 minutes

SharePoint 2016 - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

SharePoint 2016 has many new features that were inherited from the cloud, as well as hybrid features and UI enhancements that have already proven popular in O365. However, there are some gaps and gotchas, and Jeff will discuss several of these and how to get around them.

Duration: 54 minutes

Why Legal Intranets Let Users Down

There are four core problems with legal intranets, all of which lead to letting users down. In this webinar, BA Insight legal market experts will share their perspective, advice, and actionable recommendations specifically around creating or enhancing a legal intranet. We’ll focus on four core problems users face with intranets: Not finding information, finding too much disorganized information, lack of responsiveness, and lack of personalization.

Duration: 54 minutes

Using SharePoint Search to Surface Attorney Expertise

Considering a SharePoint implementation or getting more out of your existing one? Watch this webinar from The Firm Directory and BA Insight as we share how your firm can tap into a broader range of knowledge assets and decrease search time by combining profiles and experience search with content search. Learn how to:

  • Accelerate SharePoint adoption with a plug-and-play firm directory
  • Simplify expertise location and enrich other types of content
  • Gain secure connectivity to practice management systems
  • Easily explore, select and compare matters
  • Improve collaboration with client or matter communities

Discover how BA Insight’s Smart Previews, InfoSites, Matter Comparison and other applications work alongside The Firm Directory to provide a powerful portal that enhances the value of SharePoint.

Duration: 50 minutes

Extending the Capabilities of SharePoint: An Interactive Case Study

Apache Corporation was no stranger to the struggle that many enterprises face when it comes to finding content across the enterprise. Wasted time and loss of productivity led them to search for a solution to this ever-growing problem, which resulted in them partnering with BA Insight. As a result, they have been able to extend the capabilities of SharePoint by connecting to more content sources and improving the user experience to improve findability and information access.

Watch this on-demand Q&A webinar featuring Travis Osborne, Director of Information Management at Apache Corporation. Travis will answer questions submitted by your peers, such as:

  • Who were your business users and what were their expectations?
  • What type of structured and unstructured content sources have you connected to and how was metadata applied?
  • How were you able to increase adoption and engagement from difficult business users?
  • How did you capture business value and evaluate the impact of this value on business operations?

Duration: 60 minutes

Best Practices for Unlocking the Hidden Value of Information

Research from International Data Corporation (IDC) shows that unstructured content accounts for 90% of all digital information. To understand what organizations are doing to extract value from their unstructured content, IDC conducted an in depth study on why and how knowledge workers are struggling with the avalanche of information in their organizations. IDC then identified a set of leading organizations that have a high Knowledge Quotient (KQ) – a score that identifies an organization's ability to unlock the hidden value of information.

This on-demand joint IDC and BA Insight webinar will:

  • Review the details and findings of the IDC study
  • Provide recommendations and solutions for organizations who are struggling with information challenges
  • Discuss the Knowledge Quotient score and reveal consequences for laggards vs leaders

Duration: 52 minutes

Succeeding with Hybrid Sharepoint Part Two

In Succeeding with Hybrid SharePoint Part 1 of our Webinar Series, we covered the overall rationale for Hybrid SharePoint, reviewed what you do and don't get with Hybrid SharePoint out of the box, and walked through three common scenarios. Due to the popularity of this topic, we presented a Part 2 follow on webinar.
During this on-demand webinar, hear Jeff Fried, CTO of BA Insight review:

  • Four common hybrid scenarios (completing our set of seven)
  • The techniques and configurations involved in each scenario
  • A practical "recipe" to find the best strategy for adopting Hybrid SharePoint for your organization

Duration: 38 minutes

Succeeding with Hybrid Sharepoint Part One

For many organizations, the path to the cloud is through Hybrid SharePoint (combining SharePoint Online with SharePoint Server). In fact, those that use SharePoint as a portal to provide unified access to enterprise information are finding that Hybrid SharePoint is the new reality.

With Microsoft's roadmap focused on cloud-first/cloud-only, defining a strategy and an implementation plan becomes more difficult and critical. Hybrid SharePoint can be very effective - and unified search is central to making it work well.

Listen in and learn how you can succeed with Hybrid SharePoint from search guru, Jeff Fried, CTO of BA Insight.

Duration: 35 minutes

Ask the Experts: Enhancing the SharePoint Search Experience Part Two

In part two of our ask the experts webinar session, BA Insight experts, CTO Jeff Fried and Director of Enterprise Search Strategy, Joel Oleson answer more questions that were submitted.

Hear answers to questions, such as:

  • What is new in search for SharePoint 2013?
  • How can I set up SharePoint to help my users find and access information they cannot get to today, including information not presently stored in SharePoint?
  • How can I get people to use metadata?
  • How can I leverage SharePoint’s Managed Metadata Service to automatically generate metadata and increase findability?
  • Query Rules have a Site Collection cap of 5000. Is there an intelligent recommendation for navigating this restriction?
  • Is it possible to expose a managed metadata hierarchy in the search center refiners in SharePoint 2010/2013?
  • ...and more!

Duration: 20 minutes

Ask the Experts: Enhancing the SharePoint Search Experience Part One

Our experts, CTO Jeff Fried and Director of Enterprise Search Strategy, Joel Oleson answer some of the most pressing questions asked by users of SharePoint and Enterprise Search, such as:

  • What are some things I can do to improve my Search User Interface?
  • What are some best practices for using content search web parts in conjunction with regular search results
    as part of an Enterprise Search experience?
  • What's new in search for SharePoint 2013?
  • What are the functions in SharePoint 2013 that I do not have with SharePoint Online in Office 365?
  • How can I get people to use metadata?
  • Query Rules have a Site Collection cap of 5000. Is there an intelligent recommendation for navigating this restriction?
  • ...and more

Duration: 30 minutes

Enhance Productivity, Usability and Relevance with Advanced Search in SharePoint 2013

In this webinar, BA Insight joins Gig Werks to discuss how to unify information from all of your systems to considerably reduce the time and effort required to gather needed information.

During this webcast, you will learn how SharePoint and BA Insight will help you:

  • Maximize ROI and extend the value of your line of business applications, including DMS, CRM, billing, and experience and matter management systems.
  • Provide your team with a single, unified interface for accessing all information, both structured and unstructured, and regardless of where this information resides.
  • Locate subject matter experts across the organization in seconds. - Get instant previews of all search result items, with full hit-highlighting and dynamic hit-mapping, for fast and efficient relevance assessment of search results.
  • Honor all existing security protocols, permissions and identity management systems to ensure only authorized content is accessed

Duration: 30 minutes

Making Enterprise Search Relevant Through Unified Information Access

Due to the vast explosion of structured and unstructured data, users are experiencing increasing challenges locating and accessing the critical information and expertise needed to excel in their roles. Even the enterprise search technology that has been implemented to resolve these issues is failing to locate relevant information while providing a sub-par user experience. This can have negative consequences, such as the inability to effectively respond to customer queries, widespread duplication of effort, and decreased employee productivity.

During this On-Demand Webinar, featured guest speaker David Schubmhel of IDC and Jeff Fried of BA Insight will discuss:

  • The transformation of enterprise search and the trend towards Unified Information Access
  • How organizational needs are driving demand for a platform approach
  • What is needed to turn Enterprise Search into a Killer App
  • Considerations for developing targeted applications

Duration: 60 minutes

Developing an Effective Search Strategy for Office 365 and Hybrid Deployments

You have already deployed SharePoint Product technology for your organization as Content Management platform. With above scenario which is not very uncommon to come across nowadays since the adaption of SharePoint, Office 365 and the Fast Search. You are challenged with being able to successfully play out your business use cases along with underlying technical integration’s.More recently you may have deployed Office 365 or plan to. You may have both on-prep and O365. In addition you may have deployed or plan to deploy an Enterprise Search with MS Fast Search product technology.

You are not alone!

During this webinar in collaboration with Netwoven our team of BA Insight experts will discuss and shed some light on these very same use cases and options to consider.

  • Learn about the industry trends and some market data
  • Review Microsoft and IDC statistics
  • Why people are adopting more cautiously
  • Learn the patterns of adoption and the search strategy

Duration: 60 minutes

Unified Search in SharePoint for Legal

Legal professionals deal with an incredible amount of information from a multitude of different sources on a daily basis. To prepare for a given matter, a lawyer might need to access legal memoranda residing in a document management system, gather client and billing information from a practice management and CRM application, review e-mails and gather information about a particular jurisdiction or precedent by accessing a service like West km or LexisNexis, or an internal know-how system.

During this webinar we will show you how to streamline this process with BA Insight by giving you a single view into all your systems considerably reducing time and effort required to gather needed information. Joined by Gig Werks, we will provide you with more information on how to empower your legal experts with unified search across all systems including document management, billing, practice management, e-mail, and CRM.

Duration: 34 minutes