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Web-like Advanced Enterprise Search

Delivering personalized and connected search experiences across the enterprise helps employees quickly find needed information, regardless of where it exists. Learn how advanced search saves valuable time and reduces employee frustration, resulting in a more productive team.


Searching for the Google Experience

Nowadays, the search experience people strive for is for it to be “Google-like.” Thanks to the latest technology innovations, learn some of the key things you can do today to bring this experience to the enterprise.


Reimagining the Search Experience

The ability to instantly find relevant information and gain insights in large amounts of data from a variety of sources is key to organizational productivity. Learn about some of the latest technology that is being implemented to make enterprise search more web-like and actionable.


The Power of AI-Assisted Enterprise Search

Business runs on information.  The degree to which knowledge workers can access the documents and data they need to make informed decisions and power their work is a gating factor on their productivity.  The best way to appreciate the value of efficient search is to consider the many ways in which hidden data can provide value.  Learn more about why search has been so difficult and how it can be made much easier – and more intelligent.


Developing a Business Case for Internal Search

Given the challenges of measuring the ROI of an internal search implementation, many organizations have found Return on Value (ROV) to be a better measure. ROV focuses on the return that comes from having more engaged employees, and examples of this are provided.


AI & Search: Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together

It seems that every enterprise search vendor is now claiming to have AI or cognitive capabilities. What exactly do those things mean? And why should you care? This white paper aims to define these frequently misunderstood terms, explain how to apply them to search, and then talk about some of the specific applications the combination can enhance or even automate.


Enterprise Search in Modern Law Firms

Search is foundational to a wide variety of experiences. For example, the data that organizations accumulate contains key insights that can significantly increase productivity and efficiency. However, the ability to instantly find relevant information to gain insights from within the large amounts of data that exists from a variety of sources is often a hurdle that needs to be overcome. Enterprise search is the key to finding and unlocking insights from these massive volumes of data.


Web-Like, Advanced Search is Business Critical for Customer Portals

Learn how you can stop frustrating your customers and provide a self-service experience your customers will love.  Simple improvements to your customer portal search can yield big benefits in customer satisfaction and retention.


Your Website Visitors Deserve a Better Search Experience

Studies suggest that when website visitors search for information and receive relevant results, conversion rates are much higher, increasing customer engagement and revenue generation.  Read five things you can do to advance your website search.