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Adding External Content to Hybrid SharePoint

BA Insight's software uses Cloud SSA to incorporate content from many different sources into a single cloud-based index. This in turn powers portals, intranets, extranets, and other O365 experiences such as Delve and InfoPedia. This paper describes how this solution works, and the deployment and configuration options available. Our focus is on Hybrid SharePoint scenarios, where organizations are using both SharePoint Online (within O365) and SharePoint Server (on-premises or hosted).

Bringing External Content into Office 365

Microsoft has introduced a new element called the Cloud SSA as part of a new cloud hybrid search capability; this provides a mechanism to bring content into the O365 index. This white paper discusses how BA Insight’s software uses this mechanism to incorporate content from many different sources into a single cloud-based index.

Why SharePoint Search Out of the Box Isn't Enough

Written by: Agnes Molnar, CEO and Managing Consultant, Search Explained
With SharePoint 2013, Microsoft offered a significant increase in Search functionality that might suggest that it is the ultimate Enterprise Search solution. Companies like to think about SharePoint 2013 Search as a "working out of the box" solution, rather than a platform. This white paper will focus on three key areas where companies find that SharePoint 2013 out of the box does not meet their needs.

Five Steps to Make Search a Killer Application: Agnes Molnar, Search Explained

Search-Based Applications are getting more and more attention as the concept is very powerful. However, planning and implementing Search-Based Applications is a challenging process with lots of difficulties and stress. This white paper introduces Search-Based Applications (SBAs) and covers the five most important steps to planning and implementing killer Search-Based Applications in a practical way.