At the heart of any good search is superior metadata. Through integrated AI, rules-based tagging, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and text analytics, AutoClassifier helps deliver relevant and personalized results with every search.


Extract key terms and automatically categorize information.

Ditch manual tagging altogether to save your users a lot of valuable time. With each search experience, relevant content also becomes more organized and findable, which means users are more productive in their roles.

BA Insight’s AutoClassifier modernizes the tagging process by recognizing key terms and phrases while categorizing your data for a streamlined search experience.

gather information for autoclassification

Gather information from any format

  • Provide advanced capabilities to help users find information faster and surface automated intelligence about all content.
  • Harness the power of Natural Language Processing capabilities to automatically create summarizations of key documents, identify similar documents, and extract concepts found within the document.
  • Using audio and video analysis capabilities, AutoClassifier extracts text that appears within an image or speech within a video into a text-searchable transcribed format.

Reduce high-drama taxonomy headaches

  • Create and modify multiple taxonomies or ontologies, with drag-and-drop simplicity for rearranging categories and editing category rules.
  • Save time, minimize effort, and eliminate inconsistencies involved in maintaining up-to-date business terminology by utilizing auto-tagging.
  • Import and export taxonomies from industry formats such as SKOS, RDF, CSV, and the SharePoint term store interchange format, so you have the flexibility to use other taxonomy and ontology tools in combination with the BAI Software Portfolio.
taxonomy diagram
ranking data classification

Optimize content ranking

  • Uses a rules-based approach with a powerful yet familiar full-text query language complete with Boolean, proximity, scoring, weighting, and fielded search capabilities.
  • Rest easy knowing the very best metadata for every document is returned every time.
  • Minimize maintenance with an intuitive and scriptable rule generation interface that can be previewed in real-time.

Easily find and protect data

  • Instantly recognize previously-provided terms, phrases, and regular expressions within content and assign them to metadata properties.
  • Extract entities such as part numbers, project names, and customer names from a document to enhance searches.
  • Align with regulatory data standards by automatically recognizing terms for PII, GDPR compliance, and others for content audits.
data protection and easy to find

Pair AutoClassifier with these products for more personalized and connected results.

tagging diagram

Get smarter results in one place with web-like search.

When coupled with SmartHub, the data intelligence created by AutoClassifier enables hyper accurate search results

  • Provide personalized, predictive, and proactive delivery of content to users.
  • Define each search with precision using rule-based tagging to automatically link content and provide a comprehensive hierarchical search experience.
high performance search diagram

High performance search that delivers unified results.

With access to 90+ information sources our Connectors ensure your search results efficiently deliver answers.

  • We support the following platforms: Amazon Kendra, AWS, Azure Cognitive Search, Elasticsearch, Microsoft Search, SharePoint Online, SharePoint On-Premise, Solr.