Integrated AI and Rules-Based Tagging and Text Analytics

AutoClassifier modernizes the tagging process with an integrated AI-driven and rules-based approach that provides taxonomy management and entity recognition/extraction with machine learning and Cognitive Services from Microsoft and Google to power metadata creation, document summaries, image OCR, audio transcripts, and more.

AutoClassifier removes the burden of tagging from users when generating new content. It also tags existing content accurately and consistently to help users find relevant information quickly.

When coupled with BA Insight’s SmartHub, the data intelligence created by AutoClassifier enables hyper accurate search results; personalized, predictive and proactive delivery of content to users; and a complete framework for data segmentation and analysis across all enterprise data.

Key Capabilities:

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Key Benefits:

  • Eliminate Manual Tagging
  • High-Quality Metadata
  • Improve Search Experience
  • Maintain Governance + Compliance
  • Improve Workflow
  • Simplify Migration