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Consulting Firm

This global organizational consulting firm delivered a game changing enterprise search solution to their employees that made it much easier for them to find and access information, enabling them to provide the best services to their clients.

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Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical

This pharmaceutical company had a vision of a single search box, just like users have on the internet, that provides a connected experience to all employees. They were able to implement a solution that includes O365/SharePoint Online, IT service systems, social systems, cloud storage, database content, and website content, combining query time and index time merge to provide a web-like search experience to users.

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Fortune Global 500 Oilfield Services

Information availability was a critical issue for this organization. They were able to provide their users with a single place to go to search for critical information, increasing the adoption of SharePoint Online and O365.

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UK-based Global Telecom Company

With information spread across O365, SharePoint On-premise, and Yammer, it was challenging for employees to find the information they needed to do their jobs. They were able to deliver a unified search experience to their 100,000+ employees, with all complex security and active directory integration automatically handled.

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Fortune 500 Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Company

Employee productivity declined due to the inability to find critical information.They were able to provide their knowledge workers with a single interface to access all needed information, regardless of where it resided.

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International Law Firm with over 1000 Attorneys

Internal search was limited to the content on their intranet.  By implementing their vision of a single integrated search capability, their employees have saved a lot of time and significantly increased productivity.

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Australian Petroleum Exploration and Production Company

The inability to easily find information due to many disparate systems resulted in many productivity challenges. Combining these systems into a single index and implementing a conversational bot has significantly improved employee morale while increasing productivity.

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Travers Smith

This firm was growing fast and needed an enterprise search to locate information spread across various sites and siloes across different document libraries. They created an integrated solution called TotalSearch, powered by BA Insight.

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