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SharePoint Intranet Examples that People Love to Use

No matter what your focus is, today’s business world is all about creating value. A company designs a product that people need and want and provide value to their customers. Employees work efficiently to produce said product and provide value to their company. Shareholders guide the vision of a company and provide value for their […]

My Digital Workplace Addiction – I Just Can’t Get Enough

I have a tablet, a mobile, a laptop, and a smart watch. I work not only from home but also as a passenger in a car or whilst on the tube, plane or train. I work in the mornings, the afternoons, the evenings and sometimes over the weekend.

Use Cases for User-Generated InfoSites

Use Cases for User-Generated InfoSites

A big part of my job involves describing and demonstrating features of new and existing products, and explaining to people how those features might be used to make their users more productive. In April we announced a new product called User Generated InfoSites that has changed the way I go about this somewhat. I’ve demonstrated […]