Connect Knowledge with Seekers

Internet-like search for enterprises who want their organizational knowledge to be askable, powered by Azure Cognitive Search

Is your organization’s knowledge askable? Most IT Leaders are mired with internal complaints because knowledge workers can’t find what they’re looking for searching store-by-store. Not having the information they need prevents them from getting their jobs done and creates a poor employee experience.

Help your enterprise get a return on information. Give your teams an internet-like search capability so they can find what they need – turning frustrated employees into productive teams who can tap business knowledge just by asking.

See What's Possible

AI-Driven Search, powered by Azure Cognitive Search

Why Choose BAI Search for  Workplace?

  • Built upon Microsoft’s Azure Platform and Azure Cognitive Search Index
  • It is a powerful and reliable AI-driven search platform
  • Scalable to billions of items
  • High performance, low latency solution
  • 24x7x365 Monitoring, Management, Backup, and Disaster Recovery
  • Installations and upgrades for BAI’s software portfolio
  • Assigned account manager for a single point of contact
  • Streamlined search configuration, optimization and operations
  • User surveys to assist in making improvements and increasing user adoption and engagement
  • Relevancy tuning of search results based on user requirements
  • Recommendations on incremental improvements
  • Analytics/Management reports to improve relevant intranet search results
  • Frees up resources for other value-added activities