CX portals aim to increase customer satisfaction, increase case deflection, and improve responsiveness. Oftentimes the deployments look amazing and a large amount of effort is invested in navigation and promotion of content on the page.

In the end, however, especially when compared to web search, these portals offer very basic search and try to address customer issues through FAQs.  The problem facing the users, both customers and internal, is finding the right answer, quickly, on demand. This is exactly where advanced, web-like search comes in.

Advanced Search for:
  • Salesforce Experience Cloud
  • ServiceNow
  • Zendesk
  • Custom Portals

Deliver relevant, personalized, and actionable results.

BA Insight “Advanced Search” is a set of AI-driven, web-like search capabilities where:

What is the outcome of advanced search?

It is a CX portal with a search box that presents customers with exact answers, enabling it to deliver on its potential.

  • Customer Case Deflection becomes second nature, with real answers given directly to customers, where they can ask their questions in natural language, just as they do on the web.
  • Improved Responsiveness, through real-time suggestions and content delivery, directly to the support rep, directly on the case they are working, directly about the issue they are facing.
  • Customer Satisfaction meaningfully improves as the breaks in the chain of information are removed, and information freely flows to exactly who needs it, when they need it.