BA Insight and
Copilot for Microsoft 365

Unleash the power of the ultimate
content search solution for the workplace.

Extend content search outside of the M365 walls

Empower employees with solutions to supercharge productivity.

BA Insight with Copilot for Microsoft 365 is an AI workplace solution that allows the extension of Copilot experience beyond the Microsoft ecosystem into BA Insight’s 90+ available Connectors. Securely, and efficiently deliver the power of large language models (LLMs) across all of your organization’s existing business systems.   Create personalized experiences for your users by leveraging Copilot’s capabilities past Microsoft’s walls with our stable of our most popular Connectors. Our combined solution uses generative AI to give your organization a true competitive advantage, regardless of industry. 

Ready to learn more? Check out our Microsoft Copilot for 365 overview.

Curious about the benefits early adopters have seen with Copilot for Microsoft 365? 77% of respondents don’t want to go back to life without it.”The buzz around LLM machine learning, OpenAI, Bedrock, & ChatGPT: what does it all mean?” by BA Insight’s Mark Aschemeyer to learn more.

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Vector Search & Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)

Enhance Copilot prompts with specific knowledge, allowing responses to include insights from manuals, documents, and internal data. It’s a complicated topic, but we’ve tried to break it down in some easy-to-digest resources.

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90 plus connectors

90+ Connectors and Growing

Ready to gain a competitive edge? It’s time to take a serious look at generative AI. BA Insight enables you to index your content into Microsoft technologies like Copilot and Azure AI Services safely with over 90+ Connectors. BA Insight offers secure integrations for the most popular content repositories like NetDocuments, Salesforce, Confluence, Jira, and others to deploy the most advanced emerging AI technology. We can also build custom Connectors by request.

BA Insight’s world-class security processes and customer support will make your organization’s integration with Copilot and Azure AI Services seamless.

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On-Demand Webinar:

BA Insight and Copilot – The Ultimate Content Search Solution for Microsoft 365

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll explore the latest in content search and listen in to some key considerations and benefits of revamping your approach to content search. Empower your workforce beyond Microsoft 365, leveraging Copilot’s AI capabilities seamlessly integrated with BA Insight’s 90+ connectors.
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The Benefits of BA Insight
and Copilot for Microsoft 365

  • Extend Copilot experiences outside of M365 
  • Dramatically increase employee productivity 
  • Secure connections outside of the Microsoft walls 
  • Singular user interface to search all connected business applications 
  • Eliminate data silos within your organization 
  • Enriched content through BA Insight’s AutoClassifier

AI-Driven Search

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