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2019 Contrary Predictions

2019 Contrary Predictions

It seems that at the start of every year, people spend time predicting what will happen that year.  Since it’s the start of spring, and I’ve only got 9 months of this year ahead of me, I figured a different approach was needed.  I’ll take a shot at predicting what won’t happen.

Saying Goodbye to the Google Search Appliance

The commoditization of search engines – driven by open source, Microsoft, and Google themselves – turned the GSA into a mediocre business proposition for Google. The GSA is a tiny rounding error on the financials of what just became the world’s most valuable company. But for the tens of thousands of enterprises using it, it’s […]

My Participation in the Search Panel at Unity Connect Online

I was honored to recently be invited to participate in an IT Unity search panel along with Dan Holme (who organized all of Unity Connect Online), Agnes Molnar of Search Explained, and Cem Aykan (the Microsoft program manager behind Delve).