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Watch How BA Insight Transforms Enterprise Search Using the SharePoint Portal

88% of users say they can't find the information they need within their organizations. Learn how BA Insight transforms Enterprise Search using the SharePoint Portal.

SharePoint Platform Analytics – For SharePoint Health and Activity

Mike Gregory provides an overview of SharePoint platform analytics.

iManage Analytics - For adoption and compliance

Ways in which Analytics for iManage provides youo with tools to monitor user adoption and compliance in your iManage environment.

SharePoint Connectors - Buy vs. Build

In this video, Tony Malandain, Director of Product Development, discusses a common problem organizations face when trying to connect content from disparate sources into SharePoint, which is, do you build your own connector, or do you buy?

Overview - Enterprise Search from within Microsoft Dynamics

In this video, learn how to search all of your enterprise content without leaving Microsoft Dynamics

AutoClassifier- Rules, Taxonomies, and Boosting Results

Our Resident Guru Jason McCullagh discusses how AutoClassifier can improve relevance of information by boosting results, as well as how it helps with taxonomy generation.

Visual Refiners for SharePoint Online

Expert Mike Gregory demonstrates Visual Refiners for O365, showing the power of metadata query refinement.

Perspectives on the Intelligent Intranet

Industry representatives provide their views and opinions on the intelligent intranet and what it needs to deliver.

SmartHub Analytics - Turning User Insight Into Actions

Our Resident Guru Jason McCullagh demonstrates how you can gain a greater understanding of your intranets and portals through BA Insight Smart Analytics.

SmartHub Analytics Reporting

Search Expert Mike Gregory reviews the top 10 reports used to determine the effectiveness of your SharePoint portals.

Salesforce Search

Search expert Mike Gregory demonstrates how easy it is to search enterprise content from within Salesforce.

Automating Metadata Generation

Jason McCullagh, BA Insight’s search and portal professional, demonstrates how easy it is to make relevant content findable by automating metadata generation.

How to Build Taxonomies with AutoClassifier

Search Guru Jason McCullagh Demonstrates How to Build Taxonomies with AutoClassifier.

Smart Previews

Our expert Jason McCullagh provides a detailed overview of Smart Previews.

Why SharePoint Search Out of the Box Isn’t Enough

Search Guru Mike Gregory demonstrates how SharePoint Search OOTB can be enhanced for improved results and productivity.

Enterprise Search Security

Search Strategist Mike Gregory highlights some of the misconceptions of enterprise search security and how you can safely roll out enterprise search in your organization.

Hear How Apache Benefits From BA Insight

Apache Corporation's Director of Information Management, Travis Osborne, shares his story of blending ‘structured’ transactional systems with ‘unstructured’ content in a single experience. Find out how BA Insight is changing the way Apache looks at search.