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The Power of Your Client Portal

Customer Portal

At BA Insight, we have the pleasure of working with customers from lots of different industries and backgrounds. Every so often, we see certain concepts converge and seemingly bubble up at the same time, across industries.

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An Intranet Success Story

For years I, and my colleagues at BA Insight, have been promoting the core idea that enterprise search and intranets are not about the search engine technology, but about the user’s experience with the implementation of the overall application.

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Building a Search-Driven Killer App, Part 2 | BA Insight

In part one of this series, I introduced Context as one of the “four pillars” necessary to successfully create a search-driven killer app. In this blog, I’ll introduce and discuss the Content Acquisition pillar. In its most basic form, content acquisition is a no brainer requirement for implementing search since you obviously need content in…

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