AI-driven web-like enterprise search platform that securely delivers personalized, precise results to every user, every time.

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Get the right stuff.

Give your employees, customers on your portal, and website visitors the search results they’re looking for.

Provide relevant, connected, and actionable web-like search experiences using features such as analytics, AI, intelligent query processing, and personalization.

Achieve maximum flexibility and scalability using the AI platform(s) and search engine(s) of your choice, future-proofing your investment.

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Connect all the dots.

Provide data connectivity for web-like advanced enterprise search platform to boost the productivity of your users by providing relevant results.

Reduce the need for users to bounce between multiple systems to get their jobs done. Eliminate guesswork on which systems have the right information. Simplify onboarding of new employees by decreasing training costs and time.

Where do WorkHubs fit in?

web-like interface

Internet-like user experience

  • Use one search bar to access all internal resources via our 90+ Connectors.
  • Easily find the most frequent and relevant matches using autocomplete and type-ahead suggestions.
  • Enable “just ask” search functionality without taxonomy, just like speaking to a person.

Preview Content

  • Enable your users to quickly find pages with the most relevant content.
  • Simplify search evaluation processes without the need to save and download it first.
  • Highlight search terms to show all the pages with the term.
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find experts from one interface

Find the right experts

  • Quickly connect users with internal experts.
  • Collaborate on ideas, get advice, and compare results.
  • Find precise answers that help staff perform their jobs better.

Get relevant results faster

  • Automatically surface recommendations and suggestions for additional content.
  • Provide personalized dashboards loaded with highly relevant results.
  • Drive users to the information they need, when they need it.
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Pair SmartHub with these products for more personalized and connected results

fast search results with tagging

Modern day tagging for real life searches.

Automatically tags content to help you access relevant information more quickly using integrated AI and rules-based tagging.

  • Remove the burden of tagging from users when generating new content.
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High performance enterprise search platform that delivers unified results.

With access to 90+ information sources our Connectors ensure your search results efficiently deliver answers.

  • We support the following platforms: Amazon Kendra, AWS, Azure Cognitive Search, Elasticsearch, Microsoft Search, SharePoint Online, SharePoint On-Premise, Solr.