SmartHub is an AI-driven platform that modernizes your search implementation, enabling you to deliver an internet-like, personalized, and relevant search experience to your users.

SmartHub combines bots, query processing, index orchestration, type ahead, and analytics with machine learning and AI to provide natural language query, personalization, recommendations, filtering, relevancy, and reporting.  It can be deployed stand-alone, with our mobile ready internet like HTML/CSS interface, through APIs, or directly embedded in core applications (Exchange, Teams, Dynamics, Salesforce, ServiceNow, SiteCore, etc.) utilized by your end users on a daily basis, making it a central hub for enterprise search.

When coupled with BA Insight’s ConnectivityHub and our 70+ connectors, enterprise search becomes boundaryless, providing equal access to all enterprise information to all users.

Key Features:

  • Bot: Users quickly become frustrated when their searches yield no (or too many) results. Our Bot can detect these situations and provide assistance. It may leverage analytics data to suggest a query previously executed by other users, suggest removal of a filter, or suggest a more restrictive query depending on the situation.
  • Natural Language QueryEnables your users to find the information they need by making requests as if they were speaking to a person. This eliminates the need to learn complex query syntax in order to find the specific information you seek.
  • Personalized and Relevant Information Delivery: SmartHub’s unique engine manipulates search results to provide personalized dashboards and highly relevant results.
  • Machine Learning-Based Recommendations and Analytics: SmartHub machine learning and analytics work behind the scenes to precisely surface recommendations and suggestions—giving users the information they need, when they need it.
  • Document Summary: To bring greater richness to search results, SmartHub generates a document summary. If a search results looks promising, a user can click the Summary button and read a 4 to 5 sentence summary to learn more about it, gaining additional insight into whether it meets their needs.
  • Document Preview: SmartHub simplifies the search evaluation process by giving users the option to preview a document returned from a search. Document Preview includes a hit map that highlights search terms and shows all the pages with the term. A graphical bar shows pages with the most relevant content.
  • Similar Documents: SmartHub leverages AutoClassifier’s AI-based linguistic analysis, which determines key concepts contained within a document, to suggest documents that could prove value. This means the user sees documents directly related to the search, as well as highly relevant documents that might otherwise have not been returned based on the user’s search criteria.
  • Internet-Like User Experience: SmartHub, working in seamless conjunction with ConnectivityHub provides users with the internet-like experience that they have long wanted for enterprise search. Use of BA Insight Connectors, means that all corporate resources linked to SmartHub can be searched from a single query. SmartHub also includes intelligent type-ahead for autocompletion, facets for tuning, and machine learning that adapts to the interests and search needs of individual users. 
  • Type-Ahead: SmartHub will dynamically generate type-ahead suggestions of multiple types. In addition to offering autocomplete for search terms, type-ahead also dynamically populates machine-learning generated matches for internal people who have knowledge in the area, and other resources. 
  • Responsive Delivery: The user interface is responsive out-of-the-box for optimized delivery on mobile devices, including phones and tablets.
  • Admin Console: SmartHub provides an Admin console for administrators to use in establishing rules, adding vocabulary, in-house acronyms, industry jargon, and in other ways tune the system to enhance relevancy for searches.
  • Easily Configurable User Interface: SmartHub has an inherently flexible design that enables organizations to fully customize their user experience—including with their own corporate branding usage styles. We’ve made it easy to customize using widely known tools including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Organizations can treat SmartHub as a blank canvas, changing screen layouts, colors, and other elements to create their own unique search environment—while the power of SmartHub continues to work behind the scenes.
  • Faceted Search: SmartHub incorporates faceted search technology, allowing users to narrow down search results by applying multiple filters based on faceted classification of the items.
  • Find the Right Experts:  SmartHub is integrated with Expertise Locator to quickly connect employees with internal experts to get ideas, advice, and answers that help them perform their jobs better. 
  • Supports Multiple Platforms: SmartHub supports multiple search platforms, empowering organizations to use the best search engine for the job. This includes the ability to mix-and-match search engines to handle a wide range of applications. SmartHub supports Elasticsearch, Elastic Cloud, Elastic Cloud Enterprise, Apache Solr, Azure Search, Microsoft 365, SharePoint 2019, SharePoint 2016, and SharePoint 2013.
  • Multi-Index Search: Data residency, the use of multiple search engines, or sources which are not suitable to indexing make a single search index impossible. Search Orchestration transmits users’ queries to multiple indexes at once, providing a single interleaved set of search results and facets

Combined with other products in our software portfolio, SmartHub provides the following capabilities:

Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing are developing extremely quickly, and we will continue to add exciting new capabilities going forward.