AI-Driven Platform for Internet-Like Search

KMWorld Trend-Setting Product of 2018BAI’s SmartHub enables capabilities such as Natural Language Query, Bots, and Machine Learning-based recommendations for personalized information delivery for multiple search engines. It includes a UI that takes advantage of standard web technologies such as HTML and CSS, and it also has APIs to enable integration with your own UI.

SmartHub runs standalone with Elasticsearch and Azure Search, and it is a Custom Results page for SharePoint 2016, 2013, and SharePoint Online (SharePoint 2019 in Q4).

SmartHub is also being integrated into a variety of common applications such as SiteCore, Outlook, Teams, NetDocuments, ServiceNow, and browsers via a plugin that enables SmartHub to be integrated into almost any application so that users can have the same search experience regardless of where they search.

Key Features:

  • 1

    Natural Language Query: Enables your users to find the information they need by making requests as if they were speaking to a person. This eliminates the need to learn complex query syntax in order to find the specific information you seek.

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    Similar Documents:  BA Insight’s AutoClassifier applies AI-based linguistic analysis to determine the key concepts contained within documents.  SmartHub leverages this information to deliver documents which contain the same concepts as those in the search result but do not match the user’s query, thereby delivering additional highly relevant information to the user.

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    Document Summary: Knowledge of the meaning of a document is also used to generate a brief document summary.  Through SmartHub, users can quickly review this summary to determine whether a document which appears in their search results is relevant to their current needs.

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    Machine Learning-Based Recommendations and Analytics:  Uses our SmartHub Analytics to surface recommendations and suggestions so that users have the information they need, when they need it.

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    Personalized and Relevant Information Delivery: SmartHub’s unique Intelligent Engine taps into each user’s context to provide personalized dashboards and highly relevant results.

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    Bot: Users quickly become frustrated when their searches yield no (or too many) results. Our Bot can detect these situations and provide assistance. It may leverage analytics data to suggest a query previously executed by other users, suggest removal of a filter, or suggest a more restrictive query depending on the situation.

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    Internet-Like User Experience: A complete UI framework provides many features including visual refiners, intelligent type-ahead, and configurable results presentation.

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    Type-Ahead: As users begin typing queries, SmartHub will dynamically generate type-ahead suggestions of multiple types. Category Matches will search available metadata and suggest matching values, applying Machine Learning to analytics data to deliver suggested queries based on previous searches. Suggestions of People or Content results match what the user is typing. It is extensible for delivering suggestions of other types as well.

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    Supports Multiple Platforms: Lets you use the best search engine for the job or mix-and-match them to handle a wide range of applications. Supports Elasticsearch, Elastic Cloud, Elastic Cloud Enterprise, Azure Search, Office 365, SharePoint 2016, and SharePoint 2013.

  • 10

    Multi-Index Search: Data residency, the use of multiple search engines, or sources which are not suitable to indexing make a single search index impossible. Search Orchestration transmits users’ queries to multiple indexes at once, providing a single interleaved set of search results and facets.

Combined with other products in our software portfolio, SmartHub provides the following capabilities:

Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing are developing extremely quickly, and we will continue to add exciting new capabilities going forward.

Tap into the large AI investments Microsoft and Google have made at a low cost to you!