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The Evolution of SharePoint

Elastic and SharePoint

I’m not an IT guy. There, I said it. I’m not a programmer or a developer. When I look at SharePoint, I’m not seeing it from the perspective of someone who can dig into the guts of the code and make it dance for me. I’m thinking about the business problems it can solve for…

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Multiplying the Benefits of SharePoint

multiply the benefits of sharepoint

SharePoint is perhaps the most widely used portal platform in the world, and with good reason. The user interface is highly configurable, it provides powerful capabilities for content collaboration, and has a world class search engine embedded within it. The native tools within SharePoint provide a core set of capabilities, but leveraging those to meet…

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Search-First Strategy to Migration

It is estimated that only 35% of customers are running SharePoint 2013. A majority are still running SharePoint 2010, and others are still running even earlier versions of SharePoint (Forrester Research 2014 Global Usage Survey).

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