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How to Leverage Your Existing IT Investment to Deliver a Highly Effective Customer Support Portal

Gone are the days where customers could be supported by posting a phone number and email address, and then letting support representatives drive resolution directly. Customer portals are an expected and necessary tool in the war chest of effective support organizations. The effectiveness of these portals can go a long way in increasing representative efficiency […]

Unlocking the Hidden Value of Information

According to a recent IDC survey, unstructured content such as email, videos, and documents accounts for 90% of all digital information. Gaining value from this content should be an organizational goal, but few companies are actually obtaining the value that they should from this content – which is just sitting there waiting to be delivered.

Enterprise Search Security Myths Debunked

Security is an important component in any enterprise search implementation project. All too often, the thought of rolling out enterprise search creates worries that their classified documents will end up in the wrong hands. It’s a scary thought but if done correctly, it doesn’t have to be scary in practice.