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Hackers Are Patient and Persistent – Your Employees Are Not

After having a great ride in cyber security for over four years, I was excited to get back into collaboration with BA Insight just over eight months ago and also join a former colleague of mine, Mark Aschemeyer. People often ask what I do for a living now that I have joined BA Insight. Initially […]

Why Legal Intranets Let Users Down – Four Core Problems and Solutions

In today’s modern world, time is money. Long gone are the days of pulling dusty volumes off library shelves and searching for relevant case law. Long gone are the days of calling the corporate switchboard and asking whoever answers the phone for the name of ‘that one guy who did that thing’. Long gone are […]

How to Leverage Your Existing IT Investment to Deliver a Highly Effective Customer Support Portal

Gone are the days where customers could be supported by posting a phone number and email address, and then letting support representatives drive resolution directly. Customer portals are an expected and necessary tool in the war chest of effective support organizations. The effectiveness of these portals can go a long way in increasing representative efficiency […]