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Improve Workplace Productivity

Each day knowledge workers waste an enormous amount of time searching for information across corporate intranets and other enterprise systems, sometimes never finding what they are looking for.  Organizations have more data than ever, and since it is usually spread across a variety of applications and systems—both on-premises and in the cloud, it makes it even more challenging and frustrating for employees to quickly find relevant information. In addition to creating poor employee experiences, this knowledge work deficit can be quite costly.  In fact, it costs Fortune 500 companies over $12B annually.

The good news is that BA Insight delivers unified, advanced web-like search experiences that include results from all your content sources.  Our software portfolio solves your internal search challenges by deploying web-like search within your existing infrastructure, regardless of whether you use Amazon Kendra, Amazon OpenSearch, Azure Cognitive Search, Elasticsearch, Microsoft Search, SharePoint Online/On-premise or Solr.

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We enable you to deliver a single AI content search environment in multiple ways:

Index Time Merge, Creating a Single Index

Our connectors crawl and produce a single index that includes the needed information to provide a connected web experience.


Query Time Merge, Federating Indices

Sometimes creating a single index simply isn’t practical. Document management Systems like NetDocuments and Documentum, or FileShare Systems like Egnyte have too much data to create a single index – especially a cloud-based index where cost is based on the size of the index. Additionally, the rate of change can impact the freshness of search results, leading to user mistrust. Our innovative federated approach is as powerful as a single index approach, and we implement it only in cases where the user experience is the same as it would be with a single index approach.

Redefining Enterprise Search

By bringing the internet to the enterprise, we help maximize the value of your intranet and digital transformation projects.  Our technology delivers unparalleled enterprise search experiences that specifically focus on users – delivering highly personalized and relevant results.

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