Egnyte is the only all-in-one platform that combines data-centric security and governance, AI for real-time and predictive insights, and the flexibility to connect with the content sources and applications your business users know and love - on any device, anywhere, without friction.

With thousands of customers worldwide, in a variety of different vertical markets, Egnyte delivers secure content collaboration, compliant data protection and simple infrastructure modernization; all through a single SaaS platform.

Our Egnyte Federated Connector enables content stored in Egnyte to be included in enterprise search without the need to re-index content. At query time, search results from Egnyte are merged with results from other systems such as SharePoint Online, SharePoint Server, or even Teams.  This provides users with an internet-like experience whereby information from all available sources is presented in a single set of results.  The Federated Connector honors security in Egnyte to prevent unauthorized access. In combination with BA Insight’s 90+ indexing connectors, results from many sources can be combined into a unified search result.

Egnyte Federated Connector Advantages:

  • Query-Time Merge simplifies the process of providing fresh and up to date results. The search results always contain the latest information since the query is searching the original source.
  • Query-Time Merge allows you to pinpoint similar documents across sources.
  • Metadata changes made in Egnyte are immediately available in the search solution without having to re-index the new information. Previously, re-indexing may have taken days or weeks.
  • The ability to normalize relevancy values returned by each sources enables interleaving of the top documents from each source in a consistent and applicable manner so that the best results from all sources are delivered first.

Future-proof Your Investment

As new versions of the search platforms are released, new features and functionality are introduced, and the same is true of new releases of Egnyte. BA Insight takes on the burden of keeping the connector up to date for both Egnyte and the respective search engines. The upgrades are easy to do and can be done by your IT organization. It is simply a matter of accessing the BA Insight customer portal, downloading the latest release, and installing and configuring it. If desired, our professional services team can handle the upgrades.

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Drive Productivity

By connecting Egnyte to your preferred search engine, you increase adoption of your intranet, improving organizational efficiency and productivity.

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The Federated connector provides the latest search results from the Egnyte index assuring search results are always fresh

Enterprise Search for Egnyte

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