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Stats Show Enterprise Search is Still a Challenge

state of enterprise search

During my tenure at BA Insight, which is approaching three years, I have read lots of articles and research reports that illustrate the challenges that enterprises of all sizes are experiencing with users not being able to find and/or access critical information within their organizations. Information that is vital to these users effectively performing their jobs.

SharePoint Olympics: How to Win a SharePoint Intranet Gold Medal

SharePoint Olympics

I love sports, no matter what sport it is. I love watching them and playing them, especially global sporting events like the footballing World Cup and the baseball World Series to name but a few, and they don’t come bigger than the Olympics.

The Evolution of SharePoint

Elastic and SharePoint

I’m not an IT guy. There, I said it. I’m not a programmer or a developer. When I look at SharePoint, I’m not seeing it from the perspective of someone who can dig into the guts of the code and make it dance for me. I’m thinking about the business problems it can solve for […]

Enterprise Search Benchmarks for Success

Elastic and SharePoint

In my role as Chief Customer Officer at BA Insight, my team and I are often asked which metrics should be used to measure the effectiveness of an enterprise search implementation and the values that represent success.  So, based on data from hundreds of our enterprise customers, we developed the following infographic to illustrate the […]

The Connected Intranet – New Video and eBook with ESPC

Elastic and SharePoint

The folks at the European SharePoint Conference (ESPC) not only put on an excellent conference every fall, but they also do a great job soliciting high-quality content about SharePoint and distributing educational materials to the community. I’ve enjoyed working with them and speaking at ESPC the last couple of years, and now I’ve started contributing […]

Would Your Users Vote “YES” for Sharexit?

SharePoint Exit

If your users were asked to vote on a “SharePoint Exit”, would they vote “YES”? We’ve all heard the impact of the recent Brexit vote and impending consequences for the UK, the EU, and the rest of the world. This got me thinking…what if we asked SharePoint users to vote on staying with or leaving […]

Elasticsearch UI: A Platform for Enterprise Search

Elastic and SharePoint

If you haven’t already heard of Elasticsearch, or Elastic, you’re in a dwindling minority.  A year ago, there were 20 million downloads of Elasticsearch, and now there are 50 million, so the word is definitely out. Elasticsearch is an open-source search stack, started in 2010, that has since grown exponentially and provides users with the power […]

Is Google Enterprise Search Back? Or Just Copying SharePoint with Suite-Wide Intelligent Search?

Springboard, a new search facility within Google Apps, was announced Monday along with an update to Google Sites. Springboard provides a unified search facility that ties together Google Apps for Work, and will also uncover files located in any Google business app, including Google Drive, Gmail and contacts.

Is OpenText’s Acquisition a New Dawn for Recommind’s Decisiv Customers?

The news last week of Recommind’s acquisition had me singing “It’s a new dawn”. Why?Although the acquisition was undoubtedly motivated first and foremost by Recommind’s e-Discovery technology and business, I think there’s a strong chance this will be good news for their Enterprise Search customers. OpenText has the resources to succeed with search in a […]

ILTA Symposium Discussion: SharePoint 2016: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

sharepoint 2016

ILTA’s SharePoint || Office 365 Symposium is being held in Baltimore this week and our own Sean Coleman will be presenting there, along with Ted Theodoropoulos of Acrowire.  Recently Joanne Kiley, ILTA’s content curator, spoke with Sean and Ted about their session, “SharePoint 2016: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”.  In their conversation, Sean […]

Why Legal Intranets Let Users Down – Four Core Problems and Solutions

Legal Company Intranets

In today’s modern world, time is money. Long gone are the days of pulling dusty volumes off library shelves and searching for relevant case law. Long gone are the days of calling the corporate switchboard and asking whoever answers the phone for the name of ‘that one guy who did that thing’. Long gone are […]

SharePoint Intranet Examples that People Love to Use

No matter what your focus is, today’s business world is all about creating value. A company designs a product that people need and want and provide value to their customers. Employees work efficiently to produce said product and provide value to their company. Shareholders guide the vision of a company and provide value for their […]

My Digital Workplace Addiction – I Just Can’t Get Enough.

I have a tablet, a mobile, a laptop, and a smart watch. I work not only from home but also as a passenger in a car or whilst on the tube, plane or train. I work in the mornings, the afternoons, the evenings and sometimes over the weekend.

Saying Goodbye to the Google Search Appliance

The commoditization of search engines – driven by open source, Microsoft, and Google themselves – turned the GSA into a mediocre business proposition for Google. The GSA is a tiny rounding error on the financials of what just became the world’s most valuable company. But for the tens of thousands of enterprises using it, it’s […]

Observations from LegalTech

Trade show weeks can be long ones, but they often lead to positive outcomes and end up being worth the effort and time away. I find it helpful to evaluate each event upon returning home, hoping to identify what  were good uses of time, and what I would change if I had to do them […]

My Participation in the Search Panel at Unity Connect Online

I was honored to recently be invited to participate in an IT Unity search panel along with Dan Holme (who organized all of Unity Connect Online), Agnes Molnar of Search Explained, and Cem Aykan (the Microsoft program manager behind Delve).