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The buzz around LLM machine learning, OpenAI, Bedrock, & ChatGPT: what does it all mean?

Man shows coworker how to use LLM Machine Learning AI

Generative AI. LLM machine mearning (Large Language Models). OpenAI. ChatGPT. Amazon Bedrock. Microsoft Copilot. The buzz out there right now is deafening. But what does it all mean? I have been in technology sales for almost 30 years. In that time, I have witnessed amazing technological advancements. I experienced the dot.com bubble firsthand.    Way before […]

Data Intelligence Strategy: 3 Steps to Save Time and Money

Analyzing data

Data Intelligence refers to the tools and methods organizations use to better understand the information they collect and store, to improve the quality of their goods or services.​  Information and knowledge management is often underutilized​ because it is expensive and time-consuming to capture and deposit information into a manageable repository.   What is the price of NOT […]

Flash to the Future: The Implications of Generative AI and Enterprise Search

ai search abstract

I’m showing my age somewhat, but when I was at school, Google search was only just getting going and these types of paradoxical ideas like ChatGPT and Generative AI were akin to something that you only see in a movie, but difficult to believe could happen—like the hoverboard concept in Back to the Future II. The […]