Connectors for Elasticsearch, Elastic Cloud, Elastic Cloud Enterprise and Amazon Elasticsearch

Enabled by the BAI ConnectivityHub

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ConnectivityHub is our highly scalable, purpose-built platform upon which we build ingestion connectors for business and enterprise systems to Elasticsearch, Elastic Cloud, Elastic Cloud Enterprise, and Amazon Elasticsearch. It is also used by our customers to develop their own connectors.

ConnectivityHub provides the following core capabilities:

  • Out-of-the-box connectors that connect to content repositories, applications, and databases
  • The ability to easily create custom connectors via an SDK
  • Secure, high performance crawling and indexing
  • Management of sophisticated security scenarios
  • Mapping of security entitlements within source systems into search
  • Security trimming to expose only content to which the user has been granted access
  • Scheduling features for incremental ingestion / crawling / indexing
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  • Can leverage any metadata from source systems
  • Integration with our AutoClassifier to automatically meta-tag content at index time for improved findability and filtering
  • Ingestion / crawling of content from many systems into a “Single Index” which gives users transparent access to all needed enterprise content, regardless of where or how it is physically stored
  • Delivery of a single unified search result, with consistent filtering of results through SmartHub

Use Our Out-of-the-Box Connectors to Connect Elasticsearch, Elastic Cloud,  Elastic Cloud Enterprise, and Amazon Elasticsearch to Your Enterprise Systems:

Future-proof your investment, regardless of the search engine or version you are using. BAI’s SmartHub integrates with multiple search engines, giving you the freedom to combine or choose the option(s) that best meets your needs. You can even switch search engines at any point with the confidence that you will still be able to crawl and index your enterprise-wide content.

We will build new connectors as requested, so if you don’t see one on the list, please contact us at

Key Capabilities:

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Key Benefits:

  • High Performance
  • Light Touch
  • Unparalleled Security
  • Flexibility