Connectors for Elasticsearch and Elastic Cloud

Enabled by the BAI ConnectivityHub

ConnectivityHub is our highly scalable, purpose-built platform upon which we build ingestion connectors for business and enterprise systems to Elasticsearch, Elastic Cloud, and Elastic Cloud Enterprise. It is also used by our customers to develop their own connectors.

ConnectivityHub provides the following core capabilities:

  • Out-of-the-box connectors that connect to content repositories, applications, and databases
  • The ability to easily create custom connectors via an SDK
  • Secure, high performance crawling and indexing
  • Management of sophisticated security scenarios
  • Mapping of security entitlements within source systems into search
  • Security trimming to expose only content to which the user has been granted access
  • Scheduling features for incremental ingestion / crawling / indexing
  • Can leverage any metadata from source systems
  • Integration with our AutoClassifier to automatically meta-tag content at index time for improved findability and filtering
  • Ingestion / crawling of content from many systems into a “Single Index” which gives users transparent access to all needed enterprise content, regardless of where or how it is physically stored
  • Delivery of a single unified search result, with consistent filtering of results through SmartHub

With the advent of new technologies, enterprise content proliferates in a multitude of forms, and the scope of what comprises enterprise content has expanded dramatically over the past several years. Research shows that an organization’s content volume grows by as much as 200 percent every year.

This explosive production of enterprise content has many consequences, perhaps the most important of which is that information workers struggle to locate and consume various types of content across corporate systems. As the battle to control escalating volumes of content rages, employee demands for simple, usable content services is at an all-time high.

Users want to search for and view content in contexts that are familiar to them. This presents a challenge, because many of the systems that manage this content were not designed for ease of integration.

Use Our Out-of-the-Box Connectors to Connect Elasticsearch, Elastic Cloud and Elastic Cloud Enterprise to Your Enterprise Systems:

Key Capabilities:

Smart Security Mapping

provides powerful security integration across the heterogeneous security schemes used by different source systems. 'Early binding' security makes it possible to deliver secure, high-performance search solutions. AD-based systems benefit from automatic AD group binding; non-AD systems benefit from advanced security mapping that goes beyond the claims-based security of native search platforms.

Easy Administration

Automatic metadata configuration and an integrated Test Bench make it possible to rapidly deploy, configure, and test connectivity. Once deployed, crawling is monitored and managed through ConnectivityHub’s management tools. Scheduled jobs for common tasks such as security sync, backups, and mailbox management enable straightforward administration.

Advanced Configuration

through connections, content sources, items, and metadata can be configured and extended to customize the content and tailor how search fields are populated.  Custom scripting, using familiar Visual Basic syntax, can be applied to security, crawling, and metadata to handle even the most demanding applications.

Universal SQL Connector Toolkit

supports secure indexing for any SQL-based source system with the flexibility to tailor the way database content is composed and transformed into indexed items. Swift, wizard-driven creation of custom connectors for sources enables development of new, fully secure connectors on demand, with the flexibility to tailor content handling and metadata mapping.

Web Services Connectors

integrate securely with complex business systems with proprietary APIs without installing software on production systems.


deliver content from a source repository to other locations, to support a broad range of scenarios beyond indexing for search.  Custom Targets, fileshare Targets, and database Targets can also be created on demand.

Smart Metadata Mapping

automatically maps metadata and provides dataset lookup to external sources in order to augment and normalize fields; a flexible metadata mapping facility; and a scripting capability that enables the manipulation of metadata fields. Associated crawls add supplementary information as content is indexed. For example, a fileshare may have an associated database holding metadata; both the file and the metadata are indexed as a single item using an associated crawl.

Key Benefits:

High Performance

Light Touch

Unparalleled Security