Oracle Database is the first database designed for enterprise grid computing, the most flexible and cost effective way to manage information and applications.

Enterprise grid computing creates large pools of industry-standard, modular storage and servers. With this architecture, each new system can be rapidly provisioned from the pool of components. There is no need for peak workloads because capacity can be easily added or reallocated from the resource pools as needed.

Oracle Database is an RDBMS that implements object-oriented features such as user-defined types, inheritance, and polymorphism, and is called an object-relational database management system (ORDBMS). Oracle Database has extended the relational model to an object-relational model, making it possible to store complex business models in a relational database.

BA Insight’s Oracle Database Connector is built upon industry standard database access methods, so it can equally support databases from other systems such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and IBM DB2.

Oracle Ingestion Connectors for Elasticsearch

The Oracle Database Connector honors the security of source database, and it provides both full and incremental ingestion so the users have the latest information available to them all the time.

Our Oracle Database Connector is standard, off the shelf software that addresses the following requirements:

  • Indexes every desired item with a very high throughput. Many Oracle databases have millions of rows, making high throughput critical to the success of the implementation.
  • Minimizes the impact on the source system through views or stored procedures as necessary, ensuring no impact to its performance.
  • Only surfaces the content that users are permitted to see, even if the security configuration is custom designed.
  • Works with all types of data.
  • Works with custom tables, documents, attachments, BLOB, CLOB, and BFILE data.
  • The Oracle Database retains the master information and the search index has only a representation (pointers). If applicable to the database being crawled, users click on a search result and are taken to their original item or document.

Future-proof Your Investment

As new versions of Elasticsearch, Elastic Cloud, and Elastic Cloud Enterprise are released, new features and functionality are introduced, and the same is true of new releases of the Oracle Database. BA Insight takes on the burden of keeping the connector up to date for both the Oracle Database and the respective search engines. The upgrades are easy to do and can be done by your IT organization. It is simply a matter of accessing the BA Insight customer portal, downloading the latest release, and installing and configuring it. If desired, our professional services team can handle the upgrades.

Drive Productivity

By connecting the Oracle Database to your preferred Elastic engine, you increase adoption of your intranet, improving organizational efficiency and productivity