Micro Focus Content Manager (formerly HP Content Manager, HP Trim) is an electronic document and records management system (EDRMS) marketed by Micro Focus. It is an enterprise document and records management system for physical and electronic information designed to help businesses capture, manage, and secure business information in order to meet governance and regulatory compliance obligations. It automates secure content and records management, from creation to disposal, to regain control of your assets and mitigate risk.

MicroFocus connectors to enterprise search

The BA Insight Micro Focus Content Manager Ingestion Connector is built on the BAI ConnectivityHub, which is the platform used to build all of our connectors for Elastic and provides secure connectivity to enterprise systems.

Some of the attributes of the Micro Focus Content Manager are:

  • Ingests content into the Elastic index while honoring the security in Micro Focus Content Manager.
  • When used with other connectors it delivers integrated search results, providing easy access to information from multiple systems.
  • With BAI Smart Previews users find information within the documents. Smart Previews starts the user at the most relevant page. Each page is fully hit highlighted, using color coding for different terms. Users can search inside or navigate using a dynamic hit-map to rapidly evaluate content for relevance and locate information deep inside documents.
  • The connector minimizes the impact on the source system. Furthermore, crawling can be scheduled to further lessen the impact.

Future-proof Your Investment

As new versions of Elasticsearch, Elastic Cloud, and Elastic Cloud Enterprise are released, new features and functionality are introduced. BA Insight takes on the burden of keeping the connector up to date for Micro Focus Content Manager updates and the Elastic search engine. The upgrades are easy to do and can be done by your IT organization. It is simply a matter of accessing the BA Insight customer portal, downloading the latest release, and installing and configuring it. If desired, our professional services team can handle the upgrades.

Drive Productivity

By connecting Micro Focus Content Manager to your Elastic search engine you increase adoption of your intranet, improving organizational efficiency and productivity.