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SharePoint Connectors - Buy vs. Build

In this video, Tony Malandain, Director of Product Development, discusses a common problem organizations face when trying to connect content from disparate sources into SharePoint, which is, do you build your own connector, or do you buy?

Applying AutoClassifier to Content Migration and Divestiture Scenarios

This application note covers a pattern referred to as “Identify-Analyze-Move” where a complex set of content must be separated accurately within a short timeframe.  This describes the pattern and then outlines how it can be applied in two specific scenarios: Content Migration and Corporate Divestiture.

Secure Connectivity to Enterprise Systems Through Search

Learn more about securely indexing both full text and metadata from source systems into SharePoint’s search engine, enabling a single searchable result set across content from multiple repositories. This whitepaper describes the capabilities and architecture of the Content Connectivity software, in particular the Connector Framework and Indexing Connectors, which provide high performance, secure crawling of content from many different enterprise systems.

Auto-Classification in SharePoint

Metadata is essential for findability, yet the vast majority of content within organizations has poor metadata. Creating metadata is challenging, and doing it by machine is the only practical way to get consistent, quality metadata on a broad basis. SharePoint provides a facility for referencing and managing metadata called the Managed Metadata Service (MMS). The BA Insight AutoClassifier leverages this to provide a rules-based engine fully integrated with SharePoint. This paper discusses the need for Metadata and demonstrates how to use the AutoClassifier and MMS to create metadata and improve findability.

BA Insight Federator

The BA Insight Federator helps organizations go beyond the standard search paradigm of returning documents that match a set of keywords. Instead, it enables the implementation of powerful search-driven applications that noticeably improve productivity and agility by channeling users to a single access point for information.

Smart Analytics - Turning User Insight Into Actions

Our Resident Guru Jason McCullagh demonstrates how you can gain a greater understanding of your intranets and portals through BA Insight Smart Analytics.

Smart Analytics Reporting

Search Expert Mike Gregory reviews the top 10 reports used to determine the effectiveness of your SharePoint portals.

Documentum Connector

BA Insight’s Documentum Connector securely indexes both the full text and metadata of Documentum objects into SharePoint’s search engine, enabling a single searchable result set across content from multiple repositories. This is unlike some other connectors that surface Documentum records in the SharePoint environment one at a time for process management.