BA Insight’s ConnectivityHub Extends Elastic into the Enterprise Search Market

Over 50 Ingestion Connectors Available for Elasticsearch and Elastic Cloud


BOSTON, Mass. – November 28, 2018– BA Insight, an innovator in AI-driven search, announces availability of ConnectivityHub, a purpose-built platform for managing content ingestion into Elasticsearch, Elastic Cloud, and Elastic Cloud Enterprise. When used in conjunction with our recently announced SmartHub 3.0, users are able to leverage Microsoft’s AI Services and Google Cloud’s Machine Learning for personalized, connected and relevant search across enterprise-wide systems.

ConnectivityHub provides a single platform for the configuration and operation of connectors, which enables content from a wide variety of systems to be ingested into ElasticSearch, Elastic Cloud, and Elastic Cloud Enterprise.

Key Features of ConnectivityHub:

  • Security: Security entitlements from source systems are mapped into search to ensure that information is seen only by authorized users.
  • Performance: ConnectivityHub is designed to scale to support the ingestion of very large quantities of documents.
  • Extensibility: In addition to the ever-growing set of off-the-shelf connectors offered by BA Insight, ConnectivityHub allows new connectors to be built rapidly either by BA Insight or our customers.
  • Configurability: Supports both full and incremental ingestion to keep your Elastic index fresh.
  • Centralization: All content ingestion into your Elastic environment can be managed through ConnectivityHub, simplifying administration.
  • Supports: Elastic version 6 and above.
  • Integration: With the rest of the BA Insight software portfolio:
    • SmartHub – An AI-driven platform that integrates with Microsoft’s AI Services and Google Cloud’s Machine Learning and provides users with an internet-like enterprise search
    • AutoClassifier – Provides intelligent tagging and text analytics, and when used with SmartHub delivers Natural Language Processing capabilities such as automatically-generated document summaries and relevant results similar to those which matched users’ queries.
    • Smart Previews – Rapid review of documents in search results, with the ability to search within these documents.

“As a result of our close partnership with Elastic, we are pleased to offer Elasticsearch and Elastic Cloud customers the ability to bring content from over 50 enterprise systems into the Elasticsearch index, providing unified views of all knowledge assets,” said Massood Zarrabian, CEO of BA Insight.  “When combining Elasticsearch with BA Insight’s software portfolio, organizations can implement a best-of-breed, intelligent enterprise search solution that maximizes employee productivity.”

About BA Insight

As an innovator in AI-driven search, BA Insight’s best of breed approach helps companies make search intelligent by providing technology that connects machine learning, cognitive computing, and enterprise systems, powering a new generation of intranets and cognitive search solutions.  Our customers have the freedom to leverage the best search engines and cognitive computing capabilities available, providing users with an internet-like search experience while saving them precious time looking for needed information.  We support multiple search platforms including Azure Search; Elasticsearch and Elastic Cloud; and SharePoint search (online, on-prem, and hybrid).

Our modular software product portfolio features SmartHub, delivering a personalized, internet-like user experience; connectors, providing secure connectivity to a wide variety of systems; classification, increasing findability using auto-tagging, text analytics, and metadata generation; and applications such as Smart Previews and Expertise Locator to help users find relevant information faster for improved productivity.

Hundreds of organizations and over 3.5 million users benefit from BA Insight’s software on a daily basis to provide compelling intranets that people love to use.  This includes respected organizations such as the Australian Government Department of Defence, CA Technologies, Chevron, DLA Piper, Keurig Green Mountain, Mars, Pepsi, Pfizer, and Travers Smith. BA Insight is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, a member of the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance, and an Elastic Partner.

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Media Contact:
Debbie Ferolito
BA Insight