Quickly find and re-use content regardless of format or location

Smart Previews boosts productivity by helping users quickly find what they seek, explore inside documents and attachments, identify content to re-use, and automatically assemble it into new documents.

Key Capabilities:

Previews for Content From Anywhere

Instant preview of the entire document regardless of location. Content may be in SharePoint, in FileShares, or in any system with a connector.

Previews Beyond Office Formats

Available formats include: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, .pdf, email (.msg and .eml – plus attachments), images (.gif, .png, .tiff, and .bmp), .zip, .html and .htm, .rtf, and .txt.

Hit Highlighting and Search Inside

Smart Previews starts the user at the most relevant page. Each page is fully hit highlighted, using color coding for different terms. Users can search inside or navigate using a dynamic hit-map to rapidly evaluate content for relevance and locate information deep inside documents.

Pre-Processing Option

Smart Previews may be generated ahead of time or on demand. For large complex documents, pre-processing provides a dramatically quicker response time and lower bandwidth usage. When content is found, users can take action directly from the preview without ever having to download or open the native file.

Preview in Document Libraries

Smart Previews aren’t just available from search results. They are available in SharePoint Document libraries as well. Solution developers can include Smart Previews with 2 lines of Javascript.


Users can save results from a search session to the Smart Previews workspace, and tag pages for reference and future work. Users can arrange, share, and export selections from their workspace; the workspace is persistent across devices and sessions so you can continue to work seamlessly from the office PC to your iPad at home.

Content Assembly

From the workspace, users can do content assembly and create composite documents. For example, users can create Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, Excel manifests, and ZIP fields using search derived content while preserving images and native formatting and maintaining references to the original source content. This works on selected content in any supported format, stored in any repository with a connector. Content Assembly has proven to be a huge timesaver, as users select and re-use content into a new report automatically, eliminating cut-and-paste work.

Key Benefits:

Save Time

Produce Higher Quality

Turn Search Into Action

Data Sheet: Smart Previews