Enterprise Search Assessment

Capture Real-Time Understanding of Search Success

Improve Intranet and Enterprise Search Effectiveness With our Analytical, Data-Driven Enterprise Search Assessment

The goal of this assessment is to help you understand user behavior and context to improve user satisfaction and adoption.

Our unique approach to helping you improve the effectiveness of SharePoint deployments, while increasing adoption and usage of SharePoint-based intranets and search, is centered on the REAL-TIME data we capture during the assessment.  We utilize our Smart Analytics application, which provides analytics for all types of interactions with your intranet, including searches and content interactions. Smart Analytics provides many graphical reports with drill downs and filters that guide our services team, who work closely with you, to provide actionable recommendations.

Smart Analytics will assist you with clearly identifying usage challenges and, with help of our consultants, develop targeted strategies to improve end-user engagement.

Your SharePoint environment will be instrumented to capture deep analytics and monitored over a period of 30-60 days.  During this time, we will identify user activity, search data, content interactions and more, as well as recognize any issues and areas of focus, providing an actionable report of findings.

Video: SharePoint Search Analytics

Video: Search Expert Mike Gregory Reviews Top SharePoint Search Analytics Reports

The following are examples of analytics that are available within our application:

Custom Reports can be developed for a fee, against a wide variety of SharePoint data, allowing flexibility in delivering the specific analytics that are important to your organization.

SharePoint and Enterprise Search Experts

In addition to using our Smart Analytics software, our consultants, who are highly skilled and experienced SharePoint and Enterprise Search experts, work with you to discover areas of improvement.  You will find their knowledge and advice invaluable in increasing SharePoint adoption and improving user satisfaction.

As a result of this analysis, we provide concrete recommendations that ensure your SharePoint implementation delivers improved search results while enhancing the overall user experience.  By bringing together your insights, along with powerful analytics and our expertise, we will come up with an actionable plan that will make meaningful and productive improvements in your intranet/enterprise search deployments.