Content Analytics

Content Analytics displays the accessed content and their sources along with the sites where this content is located, during an ad-hoc time interval.

Popular Content

A ranked, searchable list of all of the accessed content.

Popular Content Sources

A measure of the number of times a user accessed content from the specified content source

Query-Content Interactions

A list of the queries that resulted in users clicking through, opening, editing, and sharing content.

Page Load TimeContent Interactions, by user

A history of the user interactions with content such as clicking through, opening, editing, and sharing.

Actions Insights

Distribution of actions by department and users.

Visits Insights

Shows the most active visitors of the portal, as well as the top departments visiting the portal and top locations from which the portal is visited. This set of analytics also displays total amount of visits and the average duration of a visit.

Query Rule Analysis

A list of the query rules that were utilized in the search.