SharePoint 2013 Search Tips and Tricks

By Joel Oleson | November 19, 2014

A recent AIIM Survey sponsored by BA Insight titled, “SEARCH AND DISCOVERY – EXPLOITING KNOWLEDGE, MINIMIZING RISK” exemplifies the importance of enterprise search and points out where many of the gaps are.  As an example, 71% of organizations polled say that search is vital or essential to their business, yet only 18% have cross repository search capabilities.

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Setting up a Visual Best Bet and Recommended Results for Search in SharePoint 2013

By Joel Oleson | November 10, 2014

Here at BA Insight we’ve recognized through our research that one of the key pillars of search is UX or user experience. In SharePoint 2013, the popular best bets have been integrated into the new Query rules. When a user searches for a result, it’s important to display the most authoritative results. Those results that you know are most important can be pinned as top results, making the search experience great.

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Suite-Level Apps – Launch Partner in Barcelona | BA Insight

By Jeff Fried | November 3, 2014

We work closely with Microsoft on a number of fronts and regularly participate in ‘inner circle’ programs. One of these came to fruition last week, with a series of announcements around Office 365 development at TechEd Europe in Barcelona.

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Dynamic Ranking | Real World Examples and Benefits | BA Insight

By Rick Fafard | October 22, 2014

As Technical Director of Professional Services, I have been working with customers to help them implement their search-driven applications/portals for multiple years. In a few recent implementations, Dynamic Ranking helped our customers deliver relevant search results based on rules that are aligned with established business requirements.

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An Overview of Hybrid Search – Yes is it possible! | BA Insight

By Joel Oleson | October 14, 2014

So, you’ve been using Office 365 and finding some level of success and now you’re thinking about how your users can get search across both environments.  First off if you haven’t already started doing things like Dirsync for your users, you’re in for a treat.

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Search and the Value Gap | BA Insight

By Jeff Fried | October 7, 2014

I was inspired by an article in the Communications of the ACM about the “ Reducing the Software Value Gap”. It talks about how much “companies today depend on value creation from software solutions delivered by IT”, and the issue that “demand for software solutions and functionality often exceeds the IT budget (by up to 500%)”.

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In Defense of Our Optimism | BA Insight

By Jeff Fried | September 11, 2014
Jeff Fried

Steve Arnold wrote an article “BA Insight on the Resurrection Trail” yesterday,which was a comment on our Joel Oleson’s article “Artificial Intelligence Is Resurrecting Enterprise Search”.  While I’m a fan of Steve’s and enjoy his style as self-described “curmudgeon”, I strongly disagree with his take on a number of points.  I couldn’t resist picking a fight with him,so here’s my side of the argument:

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SharePoint Search UI and Terms | Quick Reference Guide | BA Insight

By Joel Oleson | September 9, 2014

In SharePoint 2013, one of the biggest investments was in Search.  There is a lot there.  Lots of changes and much to get use to in promoting enterprise search as the killer app.  I’m disappointed by how frequently I see search overlooked and underutilized.

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for SharePoint Community | BA Insight

By Joel Oleson | September 2, 2014

A couple years ago if someone asked me what ALS was I would’ve guessed it was a technical term related to authentication or some kind of claims security token. Then I found out I had a good friend who had Lou Gherigs disease, also known as ALS. (Read more about ALS at John Hopkins center  I’d heard of Lou Gherigs, but didn’t know anyone personally who had it.

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SharePoint is Leading the Way – But Which Way is It? | BA Insight

By Joel Oleson | August 21, 2014

With the announcement of next year’s Microsoft SharePoint Conference being combined with so many other products, it will put more pressure on events like SPTechCon to deliver the SharePoint and Office 365 information we need. I’m very excited about really reconnecting with the community, especially with all of the shuffle with Cloud.

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SharePoint as a Portal | Searching Documents and Email | BA Insight

By Rick Fafard | August 15, 2014

Many organizations approach BA Insight about unifying all of their information from multiple silos into one searchable SharePoint-centric knowledge management platform. The thing that was new and different about a recent engagement with a law firm was that it included a large amount of email data that had been accumulated throughout the years, which they wished would also be searchable from within SharePoint. What transpired is a great use case that many organizations can benefit from.

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1st Impressions from Joel Oleson, New Search Director | BA Insight

By Joel Oleson | August 5, 2014

A few months ago, when I was talking to Jeff Fried in Barcelona about how BA Insight was doing, I didn’t realize I’d be working for them just a few months later.  That trip to Barcelona was an important one.  It offered me the chance to network with a lot of my friends in the community and catch up with Jeff, a former Microsoft employee and FAST expert.  He is the CTO at BA Insight.  We had previously chatted back at another conference before the new year.  One lesson I’ve learned well is networking.  It pays to make lots of friends and to share.

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Building a Search-Driven Killer App, Part 2 | BA Insight

By Rem Purushothaman | July 16, 2014

In part one of this series, I introduced Context as one of the “four pillars” necessary to successfully create a search-driven killer app. In this blog, I’ll introduce and discuss the Content Acquisition pillar. In its most basic form, content acquisition is a no brainer requirement for implementing search since you obviously need content in the index to search for stuff. However, content acquisition is something that needs to be carefully thought out, planned, and curated in order to provide your users with a meaningful and relevant search experience.

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Building a Search-Driven Killer App, Part 1 | BA Insight

By Rem Purushothaman | June 12, 2014

Search is becoming more pervasive in the enterprise due to the amount of content being generated on a daily basis.  As a result, IT organizations are faced with the task of implementing search-driven applications that quickly connect users to the relevant content they need to perform their jobs, while at the same time providing the best user experience possible.

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My Time at Enterprise Search Europe | BA Insight

By Jeff Fried | May 9, 2014

I’ve just been at Enterprise Search Europe 2014 (#eseu, The conference is now on its third year, but this was the first year for me.   It was a busy time: I conducted a workshop on SharePoint 2013 search on Monday, chaired the SharePoint track on Tuesday, and gave a keynote speech on Wednesday, along with tons of sessions, discussions, and side meetings.  I love talking about search and laying out solutions to search problems, so this was a real pleasure and a chance to meet lots of new people.

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Content Management + Enterprise Search: Kissing Cousins | BA Insight

By Jeff Fried | April 21, 2014

I’m delighted to be heading to Barcelona soon to be part of the fantastic gathering of the SharePoint Community in Barcelona, Spain from the 5-8th May 2014.  In case you missed it, the European SharePoint Conference 2014 programme is now available and there are great sessions covering Search, Apps, Social, Cloud, Project, Migration & Upgrade, Governance and much more.  I am speaking alongside renowned SharePoint experts, as well as sharing the stage with some of Microsoft’s product team from Redmond.

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