The New Rule for Search-Driven Taxonomies

By Don Miller | December 12, 2017

The goal of the KISS Taxonomy is to improve the search user experience, as well as provide a faster approach to developing and getting the KISS Taxonomy into users’ hands for refinement and usability feedback versus traditional plodding methods.

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What Can You Crawl in Office 365?

By Christian Buckley | November 28, 2017
Crawling O365

As organizations move toward the cloud, there has been some confusion around management and optimization of search. I’ve had more than one conversation with customers about the continued need for a search strategy, and then someone asks, “But doesn’t the Microsoft Graph pick up everything? Why do I need to still worry about search?”

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Tapping into the Cognitive Arms Race: Our Best-of-Breed Strategy

By Jeff Fried | November 1, 2017
best of breed

You hear about AI, machine learning, and cognitive services from every direction these days. Personally, I’ve been getting deep into the cognitive services provided by Microsoft and Google. Over the last year these have expanded enormously, and the pace of development is only increasing.

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A Perspective on our Best-of-Breed Approach

By Jeff Fried | October 10, 2017
best of breed

When I’m asked what makes BA Insight special, I talk about our talented and dedicated employees, our customer-centric culture, our products’ capabilities and quality, our broad customer base…and, of course, our unique approach to the market.

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Are KISS Taxonomies the Next Big Thing for Improving the End User Search Experience?

By Don Miller | September 26, 2017
KISS Taxonomy

In this blog I will be introducing the KISS Taxonomy Implementation (KTI). Be sure not to confuse it with the rock band KISS, because KTI rocks too!

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Directions in Cognitive Search

By Sue Feldman | September 18, 2017
cognitive search

Cognitive Search Starts with Understanding Search Cognitive search, and indeed, the entire new wave of cognitive applications, are the next leap forward in information access.  These apps rest on a search backbone that integrates information, making it findable and usable.

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SmartHub and Our “Best of Breed” Approach

By Jeff Fried | September 8, 2017
SmartHub and BA Insight

We recently announced a new product called SmartHub (you can read the announcement here).  This is a big milestone for BA Insight, a key step in our strategy of delivering a new generation of smarter search solutions.

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The Increasingly Intelligent Search Experience

By Christian Buckley | August 21, 2017
Intelligent Search

How much time do you spend searching for the right content? According to one study, knowledge workers spend 20% or more of their day looking for timely and relevant content. Personally, I think that is a conservative estimate – but thankfully, Microsoft and many of its partners are trying to reduce that number.

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The Important Role of Search Analytics

By Christian Buckley | July 27, 2017
importance of search analytics

Adoption and engagement are quickly becoming the most discussed topics in the SharePoint community. Why? Because organizations are realizing that the concept of “build it and they will come” was never true, and that they need to do a better job of tracking and measuring collaboration – and demonstrating business value. They’ve learned that no matter how solid the solution you deploy, adoption takes work.

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My First Podcast – The Evolution of Legal Technology (and my kids STILL don’t think I’m cool)

By Jeff Bodem | May 23, 2017
evolution of legal tech

I recently participated in my first podcast on the BA Insight Shared Insights show.  I discussed the ‘Evolution of Legal Technology’, where I shared my firsthand observations of how law firms have managed to keep up with the explosion of technology solutions over the past 20 years – all aimed at helping today’s lawyers become more efficient, profitable and ultimately help their clients succeed.

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Introducing Search for Dynamics

By Jeff Fried | May 11, 2017
CRM -- search for dynamics

Last week we announced a new application, Search for Dynamics (you can read the announcement here).  Search for Dynamics plugs into the Dynamics UI and brings up relevant information using the search engine inside SharePoint and SharePoint Online.

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The Most Satisfying Part of My Job…

By Dennis Hiel | April 25, 2017
thumbs up

One of the great things about being a B2B sales professional is being involved in the lifecycle of a solution from its earliest stage, when it is just an idea, through production rollout. In my five years at BA Insight, I have been fortunate enough to be part of many innovative implementations of enterprise search and intranets.

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Why Use a Database When You Can Use a Search Index?

By Jeff Fried | March 31, 2017
search vs sql

Do you ever feel like change sneaks up on you?  Or feel surprised at how much progress you’ve made over the course of time, when you don’t notice it day by day?

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The Search for Intelligent Search – Is it Delve?

By Jeff Fried | February 27, 2017

“Jeff, do you have any insight into how people really use Delve?  People are asking me because of the recent announcement…I am confused about whether/how to roll it out, and it seems like a moving target. Can you shed some light on it please?” I get this kind of email regularly.  Last week, after Microsoft announced a set of updates to Intelligence-powered search, Delve, and Microsoft Graph, I had six emails like this.  Hence this blog post – I’ll lay out the actual news, with some context, plus some observations and tips about how to take advantage of Delve.

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Going Mobile – Introducing our New Release of Visual Refiners

By Jeff Fried | February 7, 2017
mobile search

Today BA Insight announced a new version of our Visual Refiners application (you can read the announcement here.  The focus of this release is bringing mobile search to Office 365 – so in addition to the core features of Visual Refiners, we’ve added support for: Office 365: Visual Refiners is now available as a SharePoint-hosted add-in, which means it deploys easily in O365 tenants without the need for additional infrastructure. Mobile devices:  in addition to being reactive, we have made visual refiners modal – which means that the refinement panel becomes full screen on a mobile device, and controls switch to designed-for-mobile styles for ease of use with limited screen real estate.

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