BA Insight’s Microsoft Teams Search

  AI-Driven Search Directly within Microsoft Teams

Connect Knowledge with Seekers

Internet-like Microsoft Teams search for enterprises who want their organizational knowledge to be askable, powered by Microsoft Teams

Is your organization’s knowledge askable? Most IT Leaders are mired with internal complaints because knowledge workers can’t find what they’re looking for searching store-by-store. Not having the information they need prevents them from getting their jobs done and creates a poor employee experience.

Help your enterprise get a return on information. Give your teams an internet-like search capability so they can find what they need – turning frustrated employees into productive teams who can tap business knowledge just by asking.

using microsoft teams with search
See What's Possible

Provide your organization powerful productivity tools and access to critical knowledge from within Teams, independent of where they reside.

Maximize productivity and value from Microsoft Teams search by providing easy access to enterprise information.

  • Search Bot: The search bot leverages analytics data to suggest a query previously executed by other users or suggest a more/less restrictive query depending on the situation.
  • Natural Language Query: Users can find information by making requests as if they were speaking to a person.
  • Document Previews: With a single query, find relevant documents as well as relevant pages within those documents. Each page is fully hit highlighted, using color coding for different terms.
  • Personalized and Relevant Information Delivery: Tap into each user’s context to provide personalized dashboards and highly relevant results.
  • Machine Learning-Based Recommendations: Includes capabilities such as autocomplete, similar searches, and recommendations to make search smarter.
  • Out-of-the-box Connectors: Connect to content repositories, applications, and databases with 90+ out of the box connectors.
  • Analytics: User Interactions, content interactions, queries, and more to provide administrators with insight to help them improve user experience.

BA Insight’s AI-driven Microsoft Teams search enables contextual, enterprise-wide search to provide users instant access from the Microsoft Teams, Team and Conversations Tab.

Without leaving Teams, access information from:
Microsoft Applications: Exchange, Dynamics, SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer
Line of Business Applications: Collaboration Tools (Confluence, Jive)
Sales and service management (Salesforce, ServiceNow)
Document Management (Documentum, Veeva Vault)
Databases / Data Warehouses (SQL Server, Azure DW)