Natural Language Query

BA Insight’s SmartHub has been integrated with best of breed AI capabilities from Microsoft, Google and Rasa, bringing advanced capabilities that allows users to search intranets utilizing natural language.

The key capabilities of SmartHub’s Natural Language Query features are:

Allows users to ask direct questions

  • Example: “Show me all of my projects that are nearing completion”

Recognizes concepts and understands the users’ intentions

  • It knows what a “project” is, it understands who the “user” is, and it understands date bounding concepts (ie: nearing completion)

Can be trained over time to improve and react to changing requirements

  • The capability is easily trained and continues to improve its understanding and responses over time

Deploys within minutes with SmartHub

  • Installation and configuration are easy and do not rely on an understanding of advanced AI configurations

Allows users to pose direct questions and filter responses using metadata-driven refiners

Extends to all enterprise data

  • Based on out-of-the-box integration with BA Insight’s connectors, this capability applies to any connected data source

Integrates seamlessly with autoclassification

  • When utilizing BA Insight’s AutoClassifier enhanced with Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Queries are automatically applied against Natural Language Processing that has been performed on the documents

Benefits of Natural Language Query

Easier for users to interact with

  • No need to learn complex query forms or keyword syntax

Information is found faster, with better accuracy

  • Users are able to provide more specifics and detail when composing their query, allowing faster response and higher quality results
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SmartHub’s Natural Language Query is available for Elasticsearch SharePoint Online/On-premise and Azure Search.