SmartHub Integration – Google Cloud Machine Learning

Google Cloud’s Machine Learning Services provide neural-net services, with pre-trained models and a service to generate your own tailored models.  Google has also open sourced the Tensorflow machine intelligence library, which can be used within their Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine or on-premises. For the tech giant, Google Machine learning is a venture worthy of massive investment. They are rapidly releasing new capabilities in natural language processing, machine learning, and cognitive computing, and they have even fielded their Google Assistant and acquired a bot framework company called API.AI

BA Insight applies our best-of-breed approach and harnesses Google’s AI capabilities to create intelligent search.

Our modular approach has always allowed our customers to rapidly assemble powerful search solutions. We are now able to provide dramatically better search by leveraging Google’s Machine Learning services, specifically the Cloud Machine Learning Engine and the Vision, Speech, Natural Language, and Translation APIs.

Better Search – using machine learning and cognitive APIs we can enhance familiar search capabilities including:
  • Semantic Data Enrichment:  Information is much more powerful when it is cross-related and there is a wealth of linked and semantic data that can be used to make much more powerful search and discovery experiences
  • Relevance is improved by using machine learning to adjust based on successful searches, personal preferences, and other data collected via our SmartHub Analytics product
  • Recommendations: personalized search, recommendations, suggestions, and adaptive UIs are all made possible by using advanced machine learning
New Types of Search and Discovery – by using AI we can provide completely new types of interactions with your data, such as:
  • Multi-media search: image, speech, and video understanding has made huge advances due to Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.  There is a lot of image and video content inside organizations that has traditionally been out of range for search.
  • Multi-lingual search using machine translation: Google has made huge advances in this area, and machine translation is opening a much wider audience for content and collaboration.
  • Spoken Language search provides a more natural, interactive user experience.  It also allows hands-free interactions – from mobile phones, in laboratory and factory environments, and in augmented reality applications.
  • Search Bots provide information in text-based conversational applications built using Google’s

We have already built a number of these capabilities into our products and are actively building out more of them.

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