Though SharePoint “Out of the Box” (OOTB) can be effective as a standalone content and collaboration platform, you need a lot more if you are going to provide a new search experience through Cognitive Search. SharePoint includes a powerful search and discovery engine, but for many applications it is incomplete without BA Insight’s products. Our Software Portfolio makes SharePoint search intelligent by connecting machine learning, cognitive computing, and enterprise systems to help you power a new generation of intranets and cognitive search solutions.

We support SharePoint on-prem, SharePoint Online (part of Microsoft’s Office 365 suite), and Hybrid SharePoint.

Benefits of SharePoint Search

Integrated with SharePoint and Office 365: search is pervasive throughout SharePoint, including deep integration with metadata and user profiles.  If most of your content is in SharePoint and/or Office 365, then this can be a cost effective and powerful approach.

Straightforward administration with familiar tools: your staff and/or contractors who are familiar with SharePoint can work directly with SharePoint search and BA Insight products without retooling.

Backed by Microsoft: including a large ongoing investment in top-tier search capabilities and a continuous stream of new innovations.

Managed Service (with Office 365): results in lower cost and less work – by eliminating the need to deal with servers, software updates, backups, etc.  If you are already using Office 365, consider using cloud hybrid search in Office 365.

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