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Applications NOT in SharePoint OOTB

Applications provide deep and broad capabilities for data visualization, presentation, and interaction within the BA Insight Software Portfolio, including:

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    SmartHub Analytics provide the data you need to make intelligent decisions about your intranet. This information can help you turn user insights into action to improve your search center’s performance. Valuable data includes search analytics, user analytics, query analytics, content metrics, and search diagnostics.

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    Expertise Locator provides an entirely new level of access to experts and expertise within your organization. It uses the digital footprint of every employee to quickly locate the best experts. Candidates can be collected and compared using an Expert Cart to quickly locate the right person to answer a question, interact with a customer, or be part of a project team.

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    Matter Comparison

    Matter Comparison modernizes Alternative Fee Arrangement (AFA) pricing and speeds up proposal generation, eliminating manual efforts in gathering past similar work. Matter-related content from multiple systems is automatically aggregated into a virtual “Matter Mart.”  Partners and pricing specialists can then easily collect and compare matters directly from search results, and selected matters are saved to virtual comparison baskets.

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    User-Generated InfoSites

    User-Generated InfoSites use search to create knowledge centers and intranet pages that are dynamically updated. Users define topics of interest via a natural drag+drop UI, then content is automatically collected and organized from anywhere inside or outside the enterprise. InfoSites are easily searched and published to enhance knowledge sharing. They can also be combined into a single personalized view, and email digests alert users to all important new information.