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BOSTON, MA – November 23, 2020 – BA Insight, the leader in connecting knowledge with seekers through AI-driven enterprise search, has today announced immediate availability of an indexing connector for Thomson Reuters Practical Law, software that provides law firms with expertly written resources that enables users to ask the right questions, get answers, and easily interpret the information so it can be applied it quickly and confidently.

The BA Insight Practical Law Connector connects multiple platforms to Practical Law including Amazon Elasticsearch, Azure Cognitive Search, Elasticsearch, SharePoint Online/Microsoft Search, SharePoint On-Premise, and Solr. It provides high indexing throughput to minimize the impact on Practical Law and performs both full and incremental crawls, which index only new or changed content. It also respects Practical Law security by only surfacing the content that users are permitted to see.

Implementing the BAI Practical Law Connector brings the knowledge to users, enabling legal entities to improve client response time while increasing organizational efficiency. It empowers law firms to provide quality legal services in an expedited fashion, which is being demanded by today’s clients.

“Our indexing connectors have helped attorneys across the globe quickly find relevant information from across their enterprises, increasing productivity and decreasing the amount of rework, leading to more satisfied clients,” said Sean Coleman, CTO and Chief Customer Officer at BA Insight. “We are pleased to add out of the box Connectors for Practical Law, which provides trusted legal expertise to all types and sizes of legal entities, helping them propel legal research into action. Critical information stored in Practical Law is now available to all users directly from within their intranets, increasing adoption while improving organizational efficiency.”

BA Insight offers pre-built out of the box Connectors for more than 80 enterprise systems, enabling organizations to “connect the search dots” by securely indexing both full text and metadata from source systems into a single index. The full list of connectors can be found here.

About BA Insight

BA Insight provides a connector-based software portfolio that solves internal enterprise search problems by deploying internet-like search within your existing infrastructure. Our technology delivers unparalleled enterprise search experiences that focus on users – delivering highly personalized and relevant results. By bringing the internet to the enterprise, we help maximize the value of intranet and digital transformation projects. Our software connects millions of knowledge seekers to critical information worldwide at customers such as Amgen, Chevron, DLA Piper, Hatch, Duke Energy, Gilead, Nvidia, and Starbucks.

BA Insight is a Microsoft Partner with Gold and Silver certifications, as well as an Elastic Partner. For more information, please visit our website at www.BAinsight.com, email us at sales@BAinsight.com, call us at +1.339.368.7234, or follow us at @BAinsight.