BA Insight Brings AI-Driven Enterprise Search to ServiceNow

Users Work Better by Accessing Enterprise-wide Information Without Leaving ServiceNow

BOSTON, Mass. – September 24, 2019 – BA Insight, an innovator in AI-driven enterprise search, is pleased to announce its BA Insight for ServiceNow product.  This software enables ServiceNow users to work better by providing an internet-like search experience embedded within ServiceNow, making it easier to find information across the organization without ever leaving the application.

BA Insight for ServiceNow enables AI-driven enterprise search to be launched from anywhere within ServiceNow. It extends ServiceNow by bringing personalized content to users from virtually any enterprise system, where valuable information is often locked away.  Users have a unified view of information from over 90 systems that they can now search and access.

BA Insight for ServiceNow leverages advanced search capabilities such as Natural Language Query, Bots, and Machine Learning-based recommendations to help users find information that is tailored to them. It also provides AI-driven content classification to analyze information, extract key ideas, and intelligently add metadata.  This increases the relevancy of search results and reduces the time it takes users to find needed information.

“ServiceNow is transforming old, manual ways of working into modern digital workflows so that employees and customers get what they need, when they need it,” said Sean Coleman, CTO and Chief Customer Officer at BA Insight. “Our AI-driven enterprise search integration with ServiceNow gives users faster access to more information, independent of where it resides.  This helps businesses work better by providing customers with answers more quickly, closing cases faster, and improving overall morale as frustration levels decrease.”

BA Insight for ServiceNow is immediately available from BA Insight. To view a video demo, please visit

About BA Insight

BA Insight is the leader in providing open, AI-driven enterprise search solutions.  We help organizations achieve digital transformation by enhancing the findability of critical information, bringing internet-like search across enterprise assets with our modular, scalable software. Our approach enables organizations to leverage their preferred search engines and AI platforms to provide employees with personalized and relevant search.  Our software is helping millions of users worldwide, including at customers such as BearingPoint, Blizzard Entertainment, Chevron, DLA Piper, Duke Energy, Gilead, Nvidia, and Valero.

BA Insight is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, a member of the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance, and an Elastic Partner. For more information, please visit our website at, e-mail us at, call us at +1.339.368.7234, or follow us at @BAinsight.