BA Insight for ServiceNow

   AI-Driven Search Available within ServiceNow

Enable Your Employees to Search for Enterprise Content in their Most Critical Application

woman searching servicenow using bainsight search
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BA Insight for ServiceNow

Enhance the productivity of your ServiceNow users by providing an internet-like search experience embedded within ServiceNow.

Use Information to Drive Support

Increase productivity and drive higher user satisfaction by enabling access to critical information directly within ServiceNow.


Search Where You Work

Leverage advanced search capabilities such as Natural Language Query, Bots, and Machine Learning-based recommendations for finding information personalized to your needs.   Close cases faster by having the information you need at your fingertips.

Unified View of Information

The information needed to resolve an issue doesn’t necessarily reside in any one source.  BA Insight connectors index securely index content from over 90 sources to provide a unified view of information.   ServiceNow users can access information from all of your repositories and sources with a single search.

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Automated Intelligent Tagging For Better Search

AI-driven content classification analyzes information, extracts key ideas, and intelligently adds metadata.   This increases the relevancy of search results and reduces the time it takes to find what you need.  Apply this to ALL your content – documents, emails, Knowledge Articles, images, video – to deliver the results your users need.

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