Google Search Appliance Replacement Program

A Flexible, Future-Proof Path

Looking for a Google Search Appliance Replacement?

BA Insight’s approach provides unparalleled search capabilities, a future-proof path with flexibility and choice, and a smooth transition. You can tackle the most demanding search applications both now, and in the future, and never look back.

Future-Proof with Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch (open source) gives you ultimate control of your future, and it is an excellent choice as a Google Search Appliance alternative. Google and many other search vendors have changed direction or have been acquired, leaving customers stranded.  But with open source, you will always be able to continue, independent of any vendor.

Complete Enterprise Search Solution

BA Insight’s Software Portfolio adds onto Elasticsearch and SharePoint or SharePoint Online to provide a complete enterprise search solution.   You can use an Open Source search engine along with industrial-strength connectors and commercial-grade support, without having to write custom code.

Choice and Flexibility

BA Insight supports cloud-based, on-premise, and hybrid configurations; desktop, mobile, tablet devices, and multiple search engines including Elasticsearch and SharePoint. You can choose what you need now and have the flexibility to change and grow in the future.

Unparalleled Search Capabilities

We do much more than just match your current GSA capabilities.  BA Insight and Elasticsearch provide better search capabilities than the GSA in every aspect, and a solid go-forward roadmap on the most widely used search technology.

Smooth Transition

Our approach provides a smooth transition from the GSA.  You can even run the GSA concurrently with Elasticsearch and/or SharePoint search if you’d like, making cutovers seamless and fail-back invisible to users.

Extend the Google Search Appliance

The End of the Yellow Box

As we all know, the Google Search Appliance has been discontinued, with new hardware sales already ended and no support beyond March of 2019.  Google Cloud Search (formerly known as Springboard) is not a replacement – it’s focused only on search within G Suite.

If you are using the Google Search Appliance (GSA) for simple site search or departmental search, then you have a variety of options with vendors of proprietary search engines that will swap their technology for the GSA.

However, if you are using GSA for more sophisticated Enterprise Search applications, we recommend you look more closely and adopt a future-proof solution so that you are not caught in the lurch ever again.

BA Insight’s GSA Replacement Approach offers the following benefits:

  • Option to select the search engine(s) that best meets your needs.  Elasticsearch (a powerful open-source search stack) and/or SharePoint Search (included with SharePoint and Office 365) are the most popular choices as Google Search Appliance replacements.
  • The extensive capabilities of BA Insight’s Software Portfolio can be added as your needs evolve
  • No need for customization with an off-the-shelf software solution
  • Configurable and extensible – not a black-box solution
  • Ability to leverage SharePoint as a portal
  • Ability to run GSA concurrently with Elasticsearch and/or SharePoint search, making for an easy transition
  • Works on-prem, in the cloud, or hybrid
  • Fully supported software with a secure future
  • Minimal impact on users during migration

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GSA Replacement Program

  • Free 30 day proof-of-concept
  • Implementation fee waived
  • First month of subscription fee waived
  • Additional discount on BAI software portfolio

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Data Sheet: Replace Your Google Search Appliance (GSA) with Elasticsearch