At BA Insight, we have deployed image video analysis as a part of our AutoClassifier software, allowing end users and system administrators to benefit from this technology in an easy to use and easy to deploy method.

The key capabilities of AutoClassifier’s image and video analysis features are as follows:

Extraction of all text that appears with an image

  • No need to deploy expensive and error-prone OCR processes anymore
  • Enables searching of all text embedded within images

Extraction of all speech within a video, returning a text searchable transcript

Identification of signatures within a document
  • Easily identify “final” or “signed” documents

Extraction of images/videos from within documents

  • Unlock embedded multimedia, allowing valuable contextual data to be found

Identification of objects, locations, and activities captured with the images and video

  • Identify specifically what the video/image is of, details on the surroundings within the video/image, and other valuable details
  • Easily leverage the identified information as metadata to drive search relevancy and quality

Benefits of Image and Video Analysis

AutoClassifier’s Image and Video Analysis is based on best of breed AI and Machine Learning:

The capability is continually trained on new data to expand its ability to recognize objects, scenes, and activities to improve its proficiency to accurately recognize; meaning search depth and accuracy improves over time.

Allows you to identify a person in a video using your private repository of face images, allowing “people” or “expert” searching to extend beyond traditional text sources.

You can identify specific activities happening in the frame/image such as “delivering a package” or “playing soccer”, which enables finer grain search capability and higher quality of results.