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Automated Multimedia Analysis and Tagging

Autoclassification enhanced with Image and Video Analysis

At BA Insight, we have deployed image video analysis as a part of our AutoClassifier software, allowing end users and system administrators to benefit from this technology in an easy to use and easy to deploy method.

The key capabilities of AutoClassifier’s image and video analysis features are as follows:

Benefits of Natural Language Processing

AutoClassifier’s Natural Language Processing is based on best of breed machine learning, which delivers many benefits:

Users are more likely

to find what they are looking for as simple keyword searching is replaced with intent-based searching

Machine Learning

automatically focuses on common cases whereas when writing rules manually it is often not obvious where the efforts should be directed

Machine Learning

can make use of statistical algorithms to produce models that are robust to unfamiliar input (e.g. containing words or structures that have not been seen before) and to erroneous input (e.g. with misspelled words or words accidentally omitted)

The Natural Language Processing

can be made more accurate simply by supplying more input data