Building a Search-Driven Killer App – Part Four, User Experience

In the final part of this series, I’ll introduce and discuss the User Experience pillar. This is the easiest of the four pillars for everyone to understand because it relates to the topics involving the search user interface (UI). The user interface is what your users interact with, so it’s really important that it provides […]

Building a Search-Driven Killer App, Part 2 | BA Insight

In part one of this series, I introduced Context as one of the “four pillars” necessary to successfully create a search-driven killer app. In this blog, I’ll introduce and discuss the Content Acquisition pillar. In its most basic form, content acquisition is a no brainer requirement for implementing search since you obviously need content in […]

Building a Search-Driven Killer App, Part 1 | BA Insight

Search is becoming more pervasive in the enterprise due to the amount of content being generated on a daily basis.  As a result, IT organizations are faced with the task of implementing search-driven applications that quickly connect users to the relevant content they need to perform their jobs, while at the same time providing the […]