Visual Refiners to Enhance Search

Enable the development of rich user experiences

Key Capabilities:

Refinement Controls

Visual controls for drilldown, refinement, and content exploration. Many different presentation elements are built in, such as tree refiners, pie charts, histograms, and dashboard layouts. Collapsing refiners preserve precious screen real estate while surfacing the many different facets of content.

Search Within and MultiSelect

Large result sets can produce hundreds of different metadata values. A type-ahead “Search Within” feature allows users to navigate across large amounts of data quickly and with great precision. Multiple categories can be selected or deselected to explore search results.

Selection Controls

Use sliders, site trees, and date pickers for intuitive navigation. A customizable Breadcrumb provides easy exploration; users can apply and remove multiple filters independently, and change the query without changing the filters.

Saved Searches

Save, review, and rerun queries, including complex queries with multiple refinements applied. A web part provides immediate access to them, along with the display of query history.

Saved Results

Export a result set into Excel for sharing, auditing, and further analysis. Saves time and provides insight by supporting easy Excel-based analytics on search results.

Key Benefits:

Supports SharePoint On-Premise and O365

Provide Remarkable Experiences

Eliminate Custom Code

Use Existing Skills

Simplify Integration and Streamline Projects

Video: Visual Refiners for SharePoint Online

Data Sheet: Visual Refiners, Microsoft Co-Branded

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