SharePoint 2013 includes refiners that allow users to drill into search results and quickly explore and find information.  These refiners can be styled and configured but have a number of limitations such as:

  • No visual presentation beyond histogram for date refiner
  • Poor usability when there are many different refiner values
  • No multi-select for hierarchical refiners
  • Lack of search within refiners beyond author refiner

BA Insight’s Visual Refiners eliminates these restrictions and adds more:

  • Any and all refiners can be presented visually
  • Refiner presentations include pie chart, bar chart, histogram, and tree
  • Multi-select and search-within-refiners area available for flat and hierarchical refiners
  • Hover panel layouts allow for easy scanning of many refiner values
  • Date pickers allow precise selection of date values and ranges in a natural UI
  • Site trees let users easily explore and select content based on the sites or file folders it resides in
  • Search within results – allows users to add more words to a search query without clearing the refiner selections
  • Export results – put the full result set and refiner values into Excel for sharing, analysis, and auditing
  • Saved searches – let users save and rerun queries including their refiner selections to re-find content and check for new content