10 Key Topics to Explore

A discussion around the following topics will enable us to determine how you compare to best in class enterprise search implementations. We will then make recommendations for areas of focus while presenting new ideas to explore. 

Our goal: Make information as easy to find inside your organization as it is outside.

  • 1

    Application Search Strategy Meeting How do you define internal search?

  • 2

    Please describe your existing internal search environment.

  • 3

    Please describe your existing intranet environment.

  • 4

    How do your team members find information today?

  • 5

    Who are the people who can influence or own your intranet and/or internal search solution, and why?

  • 6

    What are the three biggest problems you see with your existing deployment(s)?

  • 7

    Who does the above impact most? Internal search and the intranet if they are separate initiatives/implementations.

  • 8

    Which organization, roles and team members does the internal search solution or intranet impact most and why?

  • 9

    If you were the sole decision maker, how would you address internal search problems?

  • 10

    Provide us with some examples in which you or other members of your organization had challenges finding the information needed to do their jobs.

We envision the above questions being discussed live and leading to an in-depth conversation around your needs and ideas.  As part of that, we’ll also share things other organizations have done for further feedback and discussion.