Search for Microsoft Dynamics

  • Empower your customer service agents and sales reps with the knowledge they need to close more deals and resolve cases
  • Deploy customer self-service portals to reduce incoming case load and improve customer satisfaction

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Search all of your enterprise content without leaving Microsoft Dynamics

Search for Dynamics is now available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online), and Microsoft Dynamics 365 (on-premises). Your customer service and sales representatives live in Dynamics, so why make them search for knowledge in SharePoint, Yammer, file shares and other ECM systems? Search for Dynamics provides instant, contextual, enterprise-wide search results that are related to the specific case or opportunity your employees are viewing.

KMWorld Trend-Setting Product of 2017. Search for Dynamics


With this application users can:

  • Automatically search Dynamics, SharePoint, and other enterprise systems (i.e. Documentum, FileNet, Exchange) to obtain contextual results that are based on currently-viewed information in Dynamics
  • Quickly link content to a case, opportunity, or contact record
  • Directly embed compact search results within all common Dynamics CRM objects (i.e. Case, Account, Contact, Opportunity)
  • Provide users with a full screen search center for advanced refinement, instant document preview and advanced searching capabilities
  • Have full control over search queries, relevance ranking, refinement and indexed content
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By extending and enhancing Dynamics with BA Insight Search, your sales and support representatives will access information in new and unique ways.

Organizations with both Dynamics and SharePoint deployed want to make certain their users are getting the most out of these applications, ensuring maximum user productivity.

Combining the power of these two platforms enables users to instantly access enterprise-wide relevant information from within the Dynamics application, saving time while providing a positive user experience.

Dynamics 365 users can leverage the native integration between Dynamics 365 and SharePoint Online, and improve upon it with BA Insight. For example, storing documents and notes from Dynamics into SharePoint Online is convenient, but this information isn’t searchable without BA Insight’s app.

Use SharePoint as a document management system alongside Dynamics.

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Expose documents to Dynamics users that they couldn’t otherwise access from Dynamics.


Deploy extranets and client portals on SharePoint, seamlessly integrating Dynamics data.

Our software portfolio consists of:

Our software can be managed by us with our search as a cloud service, or you can implement and manage it within your own environment.

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Example Use Cases:

Access to Corporate Information FAST, in a Format Users Expect

  • Native Dynamics search leaves a lot to be desired. The way results are organized by object type is confusing for users, requiring them to dig into “more” pages of results to find what they want. All of this assumes that what they actually want is also stored within Dynamics, which is rarely the case.  By using Search for Dynamics, users are presented with relevant results regardless of where the data is stored. Case records, documents, emails, opportunities, and order forms all show up in a single interface, with the most relevant documents shown first.
  • The BA Insight Software Portfolio also delivers advanced refinement to quickly drill through the results, along with instant document preview to view and inspect the returned documents to find exactly what the user is looking for…in seconds!

SharePoint as a Customer Portal and Extranet

  • Deploying a feature-rich customer portal through SharePoint delivers value to your end customers and partners, and makes the lives of your internal users easier. The combination of BA Insight connectors to Dynamics and your other enterprise document and customer management systems (i.e. Documentum, Exchange, SharePoint Online) provide a single secured location of customer knowledge.
  • The BA Insight Software Portfolio adds feature rich end user applications to allow advanced preview of documents and visual refinement of results to quickly identify the content being searched for.  Our AutoClassifier automatically applies your enterprise taxonomy and associated keywords to all documents, with zero user interaction.  The result is a customer facing portal with all the information they need, directly accessed from within Salesforce by your agents and sales professionals.